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PostSubject: Overview   Overview Icon_minitimeMon Feb 12, 2007 4:53 am

The world is young and has yet to be tainted by the hands of mankind. A old Legend speaks of an almighty God named Satos who ruled the Land and Sea, and his jealous brother, another Deity by the name of Vemekht that had dominion over the Air and Skies, went to battle over who was the more powerful Ruler. A fierce battle ensued, causing Tornadoes that pummeled the land, and Volcanoes that burst open, blackening the sky above. Neither God would yield, for they were both to stubborn to admit defeat. In the end, it came down to a duel. Vemekht was struck first, losing his ear to the blade of Satos, it came crashing down from the heavens and landed in the forests below. In retaliation, Vemekht amputated the left foot of Satos, which also fell to the world, inscribing a mighty footprint into it's landscape. Then Satos, unhindered by his handicap, ripped the sharp teeth from the mouth of Vemekht, tossing them away into the Mountains and Valleys of the World. In his final attack, Vemekht unleashed his powerful winds to tear the flesh from the body of Satos, which caused his blood to rain down on the hills of the Earth. The God Vemekht struck the final blow against his rival, winning complete dominion. With his new, unrivaled power, he unleashed the air upon the Earth, letting none escape it's grasp, and to serve as a reminder of his victory over the Land and Sea.

And too, from the mighty battle were the Four Great Races of the Earth born:

* Agile, Peaceful, but forever Outsiders were the Elven Foresters, born of the Ear of Vemekht. They dwell in the forests, keeping themselves secluded from the outside world, while maintaining a peaceful and productive community.

* Brutal Warmongers were the Giant Titans, born of the Foot of Satos. Standing Two-Stories tall, the Titans fight for the love of the battle. Enjoying snowy climates, they are extremely hard workers. You would not find a sloth among them.

* Natural Predators of the Dark, the Carnivorous Darklings live in a system of caverns within the mountainsides. The uneducated are surprised to discover that these demonized creatures are extremely spiritual. Born of the sharp Teeth of Vemekht, they have inherited the God's jealous tendencies.

* Intelligent, though Conceited and Deceptive are the Eternals. Born from the mighty Blood of Satos, the Eternals are everlasting, never to worry about the cruelty of time. Their inventive minds can be used for either peace or war, but will they ever accept equality with the other races?

Whether these legends have an ounce of truth are regularly debated. It's moral is to teach us that despite their differences - mental and physical, they're all brothers and sisters.

Sometimes the things that you do not understand will only make sense in the end.

"What power would hell have if those imprisoned there could not dream of heaven?" - Dream
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