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 (Episodes 87-160) Higher Power Saga

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PostSubject: (Episodes 87-160) Higher Power Saga   Wed Feb 21, 2007 3:01 am

Narrator: And so once again the Earth was saved.. but was it really a victory in the end? Perhaps for the universe it was, but it hit the Z-team very hard. Trunks is dead, killed by the blade that was once his, weilded by his very own cold-hearted son. Though Ajinn is an ally to the Z-team, he knows no right and wrong, he only knows Ajinn's way.. his attitude and philosophy on life is not welcome by the Z-team. He's a worser case than Vegeta, and his hatred for his own father runs deep.. deeper than Ajinn will even admit. Mother Earth will never forget the heroic sacrifice made by its watcher and protector, Masao, who ended his life to destroy an evil madman. Kakarot.. and Vegeta.. two enemies, trapped inside the same body, helpless from the outside world. And the aging Piccolo, realizing that one day he will have to pass down the torch to the younger, leader in training Kain, to lead the Z-team of the future. One day, Piccolo will make that ultimate sacrifice, and it will then be Kain's responsibility, but not yet. Not yet.

Author Note: DBV and DBV Legacy episodes have been merged for the AC

"What power would hell have if those imprisoned there could not dream of heaven?" - Dream
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(Episodes 87-160) Higher Power Saga
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