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 (Episodes 207-225) Humanity Inhumane Saga

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PostSubject: (Episodes 207-225) Humanity Inhumane Saga   Wed Feb 21, 2007 3:17 am

Narrator: A decade has passed since the fall of the Red Dagger Army. Senshu has found himself locked away for the rest of his life, while the Earth has become united as one single nation. United Earth's first president served his ten years rebuilding the destruction that the Red Dagger Army had caused, and now it is the time for a new President to be elected that will bring United Earth into the future. The biggest issue in the campaign is none other than Extra-terrestrial Immigration. The most popular candidate is Kary Edwards, an energetic person with high morals, he believes that Earth should be closed to all Extra-Terrestrial Immigration, pushing the facts that Alien diseases have been spreading like wildfires through the Planet, and that Earth is losing its rich culture to more exotic alien ideals. These beliefs seem to echo throughout the Human population and it is largely expected that he will sweep the election. The other popular candidate is war hero and legendarily known Hercule Satan. He is most popular among the elderly voters and non-Human residents of Earth. Hercule wants to make Earth the most peaceful and popular planet in the Universe, and deal with the issues that have been plaguing the Planet for many millenia.

Meanwhile Earth's mightiest warriors have had peace for quite some time. Piccolo has regained all of his memory and has come back to reality. With the long over-due passing of Master Roshi, Goku has taken over the responsibilities of training the future warriors of Earth, and now resides from Kame House, training Kain, Sarada, Nezumi, and now the 22-year old Gato, to further improve their skills. One new warrior that is not being trained by Goku is Seiran, the younger sister of Masao who has also become an adult. After Masao relieved himself of his duties as Kami of Earth, his and his sisters whereabouts have become unknown to the members of Earth's Special Forces. Masao's companions, Kirro and Midori, are also nowhere to be found. The other warriors not being trained by Master Goku are the twin children of Ajinn and Sakana, the sister Chiyome and her twin brother, Hanzo. It is to be expected that their parents are pushing them to the limit, preparing them for the challenges that will await them. Earth's new Kami is Other World exile Shin. The remaining members of Earth's Special Forces have since attempted to live their own lives since there has not been a major threat to the planet or universe in ten years... But as they know.. peace never lasts..

"What power would hell have if those imprisoned there could not dream of heaven?" - Dream
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(Episodes 207-225) Humanity Inhumane Saga
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