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 Gundam Seed of War: Bloodshed Edition(Finished: no spellch.)

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PostSubject: Gundam Seed of War: Bloodshed Edition(Finished: no spellch.)   Sat Mar 17, 2007 12:45 am

As the rain ponded the ground and the sound of men Charging towards one other.The guns shooting off as the sounds of Jets flew above there heads.As one group started to move towards an base with gun turrets the turretes started to slaughter all of the soldiers besides two.The men entered inside of the building putting on there night vision goggles and looked threw the dim lightened hallway.There was three men standing guard waring a Zaft uniform.They were odviously looking for a way to get to the mobile suits.

"Move left and i will move right" Whispered a one of the two soldiers and he went to the right side of the wall and pressed his back against the wall.He then pulled out a Grenade and quietly put pressure on the handle of the grenade to eject the pin.He held it for 2 seconds then tossed it towards the group of Zaft pilots.One of the pilots turned around at the last second only to get the grenade right in his face crushing his face bones.He the heard a bombing sound as the Fragment grenade bursted in a blast of flames and Metal.The Area was full of metal peices as the two soliders emerged towards the Zaft pilots and look at them and shot the last on that was alive.

The Soldiers moved into another Gloomy hallway this time with there guns ready as there body armor clinged when there boots hit the ground.There helmets protecting them from the changes in oxygen concentration.For this was an Danger zone for the amount of gas that could leak if one mistake would happen.

The soliders continued down the hallway keeping an eye out for any movement for the Zaft soldiers could beat any Natural head on in a fight.The Soldiers stoped at on point and looked inside to see 6 Zaft soldiers with there guns infront of them.Odviously they heard the comotion from outside but were to lazy.Suddently one of the Zaft units decided to come towards them.One of the soldiers grabed the other ones arm and pull her towards him.He put his finger on his visor stating to be quite as he put his assult rifle on his back gently and took out his Pistol and placed a silencer on it.The man walked infront of them,turned not noticing them since he turned in the opposite direction,and walked forward.The soldier then lifted his pistol so it wold shot directly into the back of the mans head.He then waited for the man to see the bodys and when the man stood back up the last thing he heard was the bullet smashing threw his skull.The zaft solider fell to the ground as soon as his brains shot out from the front of his head an painted the wall infront of him with it.

The man then lowered his Pistol and put it back into his holster and pulled out a impact reacted grenade and threw it in the group area.As he heard them scream as the grenade opened and acid shot out and landed on them.He ran in with the other soldier and they shot all of the guards.They then moved towards the Computer system in the room,since the acid only works on living cells it did not effect the keyboards.He started to hack into it as the women soldier kept watch with her gun ready and her sword to her side.She watched to see if and Zaft soldiers were coming.The man hacked the system and set it to self destruct in 3 minutes.

He then turned and looked at her.He did a hand signal saying that they should move out.They started to walk towards the area as the girl took off her helmet.Her light purple hair fell out of it flowingly and she then looked at the man in the other suit and smiled gently.She continued to follow him and said.

"Well we did this mission maybe we will be able to move towards a new unit after that."

"Were going to need to since most of our troop besides us was slaughtered..."

The man lifted his hand to stop her from moving to see that the door that was locked last time was unlocked.And the doors were wide open.The women screamed as she saw the Zaft soldiers with there guns pointed towards them and they started to shot at them.The man ran infront of her and hugged her as he started to get shot from the bullets and the blood started to fly out as the bullets broke threw the armor and his eyes started to water and his helmet was hit showing his black hair with red highlights get covered in blood as he hit the ground.The Women Pushed him aside and picked up his Assult rifle and pulled out her sword as she charged towards them and shot at them hitting the Zaft soldiers in the head and cutting off the ones that she shot in the arms legs and head.Felt some bullets puncture her armor and hit her skin.She stumbled towards the man and put his head on her lap as she brushed his face lightly.She picked up his walkee talkee.

"This is Lilis Necret....mission complete." with that she kiss the man on her lap as the entiere area blew up taking out over 90% of the zaft forces in the area.

Prologue end

As a massive war ship flew threw space towards the plants.The ship was a black Nelson class with a symbol of a Raven and two guns on its sides with a sword piercing threw the raven and an Circle was around the whole thing.The ship was exepted into one of the plants.They thought it was a Merchant ship.Not knowing of the reasont rumors of a nelson class pretending to be a Merchant ship that would go somewhere and take everything then leave.The ship landed as a man with long black hair with red highlights walked down the steps and looked at harbor manager.

"Your name?"

"Cronus.." said the man with the black and red highlighted hair.

"Okay...whats your stock?"

"Were a Merchant ship.So we carry various items.Like Mobile suit parts and so on."

"I see...well we will refuel you and do any repairs on your ship but it will take about 3 days.And you will need to pay to rent that space.Its 10 grand a day."

"30 grand...k i'll pay."

Cronus put his hand into his pocket and then pulled out his wallet and gave the man his ID number and the man wrote it down.

"I'll leave you to unload."

"Thanks" Cronus replied nicly as the man walked off and a man with spiky red hair walked out of the nelson and looked at cronus.

"Lucky im guessing huh?" the man said.

"Yes,lets get going Spike.We have to move now or they will suspect something."

As the walked up the stairs into the nelson again Cronus took one last look outside scanning to see if anyone was watching and then entered.They walked threw the halls and entered the elevator so they can reach the area they wanted.Cronus walked into the hanger of the ship.

"Every single one but 2 Cronus."

"Yah and this is were the two are....so we should be able to get them"

As they went on another elevator so that they could reach the ground of the hanger and walked towards two thing covered under a sheat.Cronus grabed the sheat and took it off showing two motor cycles.

It was not long after you heard the doors open as two motor cycles were on the road towards the main city.The booming sounds of there motorcycles could be heard for a few blocks ahead of the area of which they where traveling towards.Seeing that soon enough they would have to find a way to leave they sped up there motorcycles.Going about 220 mph.They took a turn to the right as you could here the screaching sound of the ruber tearing at the road.As they continued forward dodge cars that were moving at normal speed.Reaching another turn they leaned into it again as you could here the screaching sound of the tires once more.As they started to approach a huge line of Warehouses,but in there way was a large fence.The fence had a sign on it stating that the area belong to the Deathproductions group.There was 2 booths of which you could drive threw.One to go in and another to go out.

As they slowed down there speed you could here the motorcycles get down shifted and then they stoped infront of the both as a guard looked at both of them.

"You don't seem to be coming from around here?Whats your names and i need to see some ID.And i must also add that no civillian is allowed in this area."

Spike and Cronus at the same time moved into there pockets feeling around and moved there pistols aside to pull out 2 ID cards and showed it at the Booth Guard.

"Ohh i see.George and Charles.Okay you may pass...."
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Dark Chaos
Dark Chaos

Gender : Male
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PostSubject: Re: Gundam Seed of War: Bloodshed Edition(Finished: no spellch.)   Sat Mar 17, 2007 10:49 pm

Cronus and Spike put the ID on the ID scanner as it exepted it and the gate opened as you could here them ref there bikes and take off into the area.They took a turn to the right as the bikes tires tore up some of the dirt road.They started to dodge some of the on coming trucks making sure that they could not read there lisence plates on the back of there bikes.Once they reach a massive warehouse saying Moblie Suits, they stoped there bikes and put on shades as there eyes seem to have change a bit to go with the change in the light differation like everyone elses did normally.They walked towards the Door and put there ID's on the spot with a glowing blue light that turned green as they heard the door unlock.They walked into it and looked to the side seeing the two mobile suits.One saying on its left shoulder HNS-OX7 and the other one on the same shoulder HNS-VG1. They continued down the hallway as they walked and opened another door and took out there guns and put them on the tray that the guard was holding out and they walked towards a female scientist who looked at them intreged.

"So what do these things run on anyways...I mean ever since the no nuclear energy thing.Our group can't make any true G.U.N.D.A.M.s..." Conus asked in a serious tone.

The Scientist looked at him"Let me Explain then....They run on HOMBS and NLACS.Here look at the specs here.We wrote all of the stats on this info sheat."She took a board off of a near by desk as they continued to walk towards the Mobile suits and handed them too Cronus and Spike.They both took it and read it.It Read:

Hydrogen Operated Movement Battle System or HOMBS for short.

This system gave the Mobile suit longer time on the field but also recuired the pilot at all times to keep an eye on the engines temperature.The reasoning for this is cause if not the Engine can over heat and put the whole system into a "Cool down state" where the Mobile suit cannot do much besides shoot manule weapons.It also uses 42.86 gallons per day.

The HOMBS also has another error of re fueling the engine with the special water that they made which has more Hydrogen in it.The problem with this is if the HOMBSystem was not turned off in a impact on the engine the Engine would Explode destroing most of the area around it.

The Positives of this is that since it has longer time on the field it needed more power for it so the Engine was rated at an out put of 8000kz of power at its maximum use.But running at full power to long would over heat the engine therefor they had to find a coolent to keep the engine running at 500-800(depending on Mobile suit)degrees C.

Another Positive of this was the Fact the Mobile suit was able to be easier controled.

The engines max speed brings the Mobile suit to about 225 miles per hour.
Take off : 100 metric tons of presure.The reason for so much pressure was that it needed to be able to lift the Suit off the Ground and beable to substain the hight and speed once its off the ground.This also ment thought that the Engine itself increased in heat.

Nitrogen Limited Amount Cooling System or NLACS for short.

This is the Cooling system for the HOMBS engine.This cooling system made it possible to do alot of what would normally made the engine go into cooling mode.This system would release a small amout of Nitrogen into the Engine making it cool down to a normal temperature for the Engine.Depending on the Model.

"I see" said cronus in a thinking matter as he scratched his chin.At the same time spike looked at the specs and nodded.The scientist looked at them.

"Your not George and Charles the pilots for the HNS-VG1 Vengence or for the HNS-OX7 Fallen Angel are you?"

Cronus continued to walk forward with her as she said that as spike turned and looked at her.

"Why do say that?"

"I knew them...your not them...and your bone sturcture along with everything bout you guys is not normal....your not even technically alive since your bodys cells and heart seems to work differently as well as your mind...."

As they past a Mobile suit they both took her and pinned her to the wall.

"No were not...My name is Cronus and that over there is Spike.Where from the Ravens of war." Cronus said with a grin.As he helt her shirt.

"The vengence there is not in its complete mod...i can make it happen if you want...i don't want them to trash these things since the EA no longer needs them..."she said and then took a breath again"I will come with you if you give me a new lab and lab men.I will work on the amount you need for the special gas for it....i will do anything...as long as these suits don't get destroyed by a group of people who did not wish for them to see war anymore...ever...please just take em.."

Cronus and Spike let go of them as she nodded and headed towards a stairway not so far.

"Spike you take the Fallen Angel...even though you have the Striker 3...so just for now take the Striker 7..I will take the Vengence and see if it will be mine."as he said this he headed towards the area to grab on a rop which was hanging out of the Vengence.Spike turned and ran towards the Fallen Angel.

At this time the Female Scientist entered the top room,which was where the vengence equipment movement buttons were.And she pressed a button that said ultimate on it. She then Started downstairs.

You could hear the Machines turning on as they started to equip the Vengence with more weapons.

As Cronus approached the Group of people who were running test on the Vengence he jumped up into the air Slaming his foot right into one mans face crushing his head as it made contact on the ground and his blood shot out and the other person freaked and fell to the ground as his friend threw a punch at cronus and he lefted his hand catching the fist and started to put pressure on the mans hand making it crack as his bones broke and cronus pulled down ripping the mans Arm off making blood Spew out of it spraying the computer on the side.Cronus then grinned and right before the man screamed he used his other hand to tear off his lower jar and his throat at the same time making the blood shoot outwards as the man saw cronus for alitte longer.Cronus took them mans arm in his right hand and impaled it threw the mans chest killing him.Cronus looked at the other man who was on the ground and smiled at him with his bloody face and grabed onto the Rop as it pulled him up towards the Cockpit of the Mobile suit.As Cronus rose up towards the cockpit of the Vengence he saw Spike covered in blood doing the same thing.

Cronus jumped into the Vengences Cockpit and the doors closed as he landed on the soft black leather chair.He then took pressed a button and a Seat belt facesned around him and held him to the chair.Cronus looked at the walls in the cockpit as he saw the Cameras come on and Spike letting the Scientist to get into the Cockpit of the Fallen angel as well.Cronus then pressed the Start switch as all the buttons lit up and a gaint screan in the center of the buttons lit up showing his location and if there was any targets in the area.Outside of the Vengence and the Striker 7 Fallen Angel there Eyes Turned on with a flash.

Cronus opened the system options in the set up and saw that he had alot of weapons.Much of which he could blast a whole threw this entire plant from another plant(around 10 000 miles) He grinned as he felt the power surge threw him and he made the machine move itself forward breaking off the peices of machinery holding it back as did the Striker 7.The Fallen Angel pulled out its gun and shot threw the roof and Bent it legs down as the Massive thrusters turned on melting anything behind it and it jumped upwards sending things around it flying.The vengence walked to the Area and did the same.As they started to fly in the Air there was a group of Ginns and Dinns Coming towards them Shoting at them at this time the Fallen angel pulled out its blade as it easily disposed of the Mobile suits.Cutting them in half and Decapitating most of them.

Inside the Vengence Cronus opened up a link with the Nelson class.

"were coming so get out of this area.NOW!" Cronus said and closed the Com link with his Ship after hearing the Engines of the nelson class come on.

The Vengence turned around and Pointed its gun towards the Ground were a Group of ginns were Flying towards him.One was colored differently though but the others were there normal Green colors.

As a comlink opened Cronus laughed.


The Rifle shot off with such great force that it broke a few sound Barriers but the Blue and Black colors Ginn just barly dodge the blast as the Black red and Blue beam shot out passed it Insinerating the other Ginns And tearing threw the Ground and coming out of the Other side.

The vengence flew up in the air as the Fallen Angel blew another hole threw the roof with its Beam weapons and they went threw.

In a distance and boy ran towards a Warehouse waring a Zaft uniform.Looking at the 2 new Mobile weapons were flying away.he turned and headed towards A ship.

Chapter End.

(lol i had to post it in 2 shots cause it was too big for one)

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Gundam Seed of War: Bloodshed Edition(Finished: no spellch.)
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