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 Be cautious

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PostSubject: Be cautious   Sat Mar 17, 2007 1:30 am

[Verse 1]
Watch ya self in Philly/
The city with most killings/
Gun cocking, drive bys, and innocent blood spilling’/
Money and car stealing/
Cap peeling/
Where grown man cap Children/
Better be a sneak on ya feet/
When you see niggas roll 30 deep on streets/
Like England in Iraq you better learn to retreat/
Or have ya… red fluids cooling on the side of concrete/
White tee stained like Rosie O’Donnell’s toilet seat/
Wondering why they did you dirty like STD’s/
The drug dealers pockets, stay getting deeper/
Students assaulting teachers/
And violent youth bring death like their Grim Reapers/
Crack addict Creepers, Sneak through the streets lookin’ like crypt Keepers/

The heart of man is the tool of the deceitful/
The mind is ultimately the womb of all evils/
While the tongue supplies lies to the people/
The dangers of this world are unbelievable/ (unbelievable 2x)

[Verse 2]
Officers dressed in blue, imitating what Criminals do/
Politicians, are counterfeiting’ and doing what’s incriminating too/
So what’s nigga to do? /
When faced with he evil piety/
Of western societies/
False ministers/
Doing what’s sinister/
Spiting’ in the face of ya Savior/
Now that’s a sin that’s major/
Disrespecting the very one who made ya/
Misusing the gifts that he gave ya/
But you sitting there, thinking he’ll save ya/
Now Imagine a Reverend reaching the seventh heaven/
To meet the disciples finding that there’s only eleven/
Looks in the mirror and finally finds the twelfth/
He realizes the traitor Judas is his self
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Be cautious
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