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 Canto One - The Wolf is Born

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PostSubject: Canto One - The Wolf is Born   Mon Aug 20, 2007 7:38 pm

One hundred years after the nuclear holocaust of 2012, the civilizations of Earth are still in ruin. Scores of landmasses remain devastated by warfare. The once mighty and dominant cultures of the United States and Westen Europe are only shells of their former selves. In many lands, the people live free and lawless. The only reminents of the early twenty-first century are in the few remaining major cities.
O how could anyone stand to prosper in this forsaken world? Can there be prosperity within these ruins? That answer can only come from the major corporations. They are the heir apparants to the Earth. The world governments have grown too weak to be able to regulate large corporations. Their power goes nearly unchecked. Above them all stands the Getsu Electronics Corporation.

Tokyo, Japan. Business District. Tenchi Getsu is the center of the high speed chase from the city police. He weaves through traffic with ease. The Tokyo City Police cars have difficulty keeping up with the high speed of Tenchi's vehicle. Their manuverability fails them as well. Ditizens and vehicles alike scramble to move out of the way as Tenchi races through the streets. The cautious police vehicles find themselves hindered by the same vehicles which made way for Tenchi. Tenchi looks into the rear view mirror and watches as his adversaries struggle to keep up the pace. He reaches for his cell phone.

"Meet me outside in three minutes." says Tenchi.

"What is it now?" asks the recipient.

"We have matters to discuss. You know full well what I'm talking about. Outside in three minutes. End of discussion."

Tenchi hangs up and resumes his car chase. As he reaches an intersection, the traffic light turns yellow. Tenchi stomps on the pedal and makes a sharp left turn. The police follow suit. As soon as they turn the corner, they are blocked by a large crowd of pedestrians. Tenchi's car is on the other side of the crowd. He has successfully evaded the police.
That is not to say he actually stands to face charges should he be caught. Tenchi Getsu has the law enforcement in his pocket, as well as most of the city. At a mere twenty-six years of age, he is the head of the Getsu Electronics Corporation. Though he is relatively young, Tenchi wields great power and influence throughout the world. He very well may be the most powerful person on Earth.

City Council Headquarters. Tenchi stands in front of the entrance. Exiting through the entrance is a short and stocky man in his mid 40s. He is accompanied by two female assistants. His name is Yoshihiro Takahashi. He works as a city counsilman.Yoshihiro looks at Tenchi with annoyance and distrust.

"I believe you know why I'm here Takahash-kun." says Tenchi.

"What favor do you from me today?" asks Yoshihiro.

"No favors today." replies Tenchi. "I have something to show you."

Tenchi removes a cloth from his jacket. He opens it up to reveal a human finger.

"It belongs to your spy" he continues. "No doubt snooping for information for you to use against me. Of course, that would make little sense Takahashi-kun. You already know what I do and --"

"You ruin innocent lives and murder people who stand against you." interrupts Yoshihiro. "And yes, my operative was searching for evidence."

"If evidence is what you want," Tenchi says "I'll gladly email it to you. No need for spies. Unless of course, the evidence you want isn't against me, but against you."

Yoshihiro's look of annoyance and distrust quickly turns to anger. He clentches his fists. His assistants pull out pistols and point them at Tenchi.

"It would be in your best interest to leave now Getsu-san." says the first assistant.

"Female assistants eh?" says Tenchi. "I wouldn't be surprised if you were having sexual relations with them. Be warned my friend, a woman will become the cause of your downfall. Just like before."

"Takahashi-san has no interest in your council" says the first assistant.

"Leave now," demands the second assistant.

An arrogant smirk grows on Tenchi's face."Takahashi-kun is in no position to make demands of me. Neither are his subordinates. Right Yoshihiro?"

"Correct..Getsu-san." utters Yoshihiro.

"Correct I am!" expresses Tenchi with arrogance. "After all, you what would happen to your political career if the world found out that you raped an underage girl eighteen years ago?"

Yoshihiro gives Tenchi an intense look. "Someday, I'll collect that evidence and your hold over me will at long last be over."

"Right," says Tenchi. "You may be able to steal the DNA evidence, surveillance cameras, and your recorded confession. But there's evidence that I have that you can never claim."

"What might that be?" asks Yoshihiro.

"Your victim gave birth Takahashi-kun. You have a son."

"I have..a son?"

Tenchi walks up to the first assistant and places his arm around her waist.

"I must take leave now Takahashi-kun" says Tenchi. "I'll be taking her with me. But don't worry, I'll return her when I'm done. I hope you've trained her well."

Amazonas, Peru. A narrow path leading through a mountain range is covered with dead bodies, at least twenty. At the end of the trail of corpses stands a seventeen year old boy carrying a katana and covered in blood. One of the lying bodies is still alive. It is a middle-aged man crawling towards the boy. The boy raises his sword and pushes it into the back of the man on the ground. A final scream signals the end of his life. The boy is silent. The shadow of a hulking figure looms above him.

"Your training is almost complete my squire. You have but one more task."
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PostSubject: Re: Canto One - The Wolf is Born   Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:01 pm

The shadow cast upon the boy belongs to a man named Caesar. Standing over seven feet tall and with the physique of a sumo wrestler, Caesar is a tower of a man. His overfat body is dripping with sweat from being under the scorching Peruvian sun. He reeks of alcohol and tobbacco. The simple loin cloth he wears would suggest poverty, if he were not covered in pounds of jewelry. Covering his neck are numerous gold chains, while his diamond rings shine brightly. Caesar's weapon of choice is the bullwhip, which he keeps at his hip when not in use.

This seventeen year old boy has no name. He responses to "Squire" when called upon by Caesar. He is talll with a slim and toned body. His light brown skin and slanted eyes reveals that he is of Peruvian and Asian descent. His stringy unkept hair goes down to his neck and covers his eyes.

The boy pulls a rickshaw carrying Caesar. The boy struggles to transport the heavy Caesar. Caesar responds to the boy's struggle with insults and occassional whiplashes. After seven miles of pulling, the boy arrives at a small fishing village. The boy collapses at the front entrance of the village. Caesar grabs the boy by the collar and drags him into the village. The villagers are quite fearful of Caesar and ignore his wrongdoings. An old man approaches Caesar. "What have you done do this boy?" he asks. "Why is he covered in blood?" "Training." replies Caesar.

"This is not the training you were instructed to do. You're turning him into a murderer." says the old man.

"Listen and listen good old man." says Caesar. "You may be the village leader, but I run this shit!"

Caesar smacks the old man with his heavy hand, knocking him out. He walks away. leaving the boy and the old man lying helplessly. Hours later the boy wakes up inside of his hut. He finds himself with new clothes and bandages on his wounds. he looks up and sees a woman sitting beside him. She cracks a smile and begins stroking her fingers through his hair. "Maria..." utters the boy. Maria. A beautiful Peruvian woman in her early twenties. She is much younger than her bruting and dispicable husband Caesar. The boy places his hand on her soft cheek. "How's your baby?" Tears slowing fall from Maria's eyes.

"Caesar...Caesar killed her this morning, right before he took you for training." she says. "He was drunk and angry. There was nothing I could do." The boy stares at the ceiling while Maria continues crying. His eyes begin shifting side to side, unable to maintain focus. "You're so special." says Maria. "That's why he hates you so. But soon you're training will be done . You'll receive a name and you'll be able to leave this place."

"I don't want to leave you!" the boy cries. "You need me. I need you."

Maria looks away, then turns back to the boy."You need food and water to regain your health. But Caesar has instructed everyone to deny you food and drink for tonight."


Maria places her index finger on the boys lips, then undoes her top, revealing her volumptious breasts. "I still have some milk left in them. Come boy, regain your strength." Maria closes her eyes and smiles as she feels the boy.

Two hours later. Maria is back in her hut, sitting in the corner naked and crying. Her husband Caesar has his back turned to her while he's putting his loin cloth back on. "Quit crying bitch. You were so sad about that damn baby dying, so I gave you another one." Maria's crying quickly turns to screaming. "You killed her! You killed our child!" Caesar violently grabs Maria by the throat. "You think I'm stupid? You think I don't know about all that time you spent with the boy? The moment I saw that baby's beady eyes, it all made sense. That was his baby! That's why I killed it."

"Agh!" cries Caesar as he feels a sharp pain in his back. Another one follows, and then another. He turns around to see the boy holding shirikens.

"Boy!" cries Maria. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough" replies the boy.

"Looks like two children are going to die on this day" mocks Caesar.

The boy quickly unsheaths his katana while Caesar reaches for his bullwhip. The final test is about to comense.
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Canto One - The Wolf is Born
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