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PostSubject: Prologue   Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:20 pm

Bold is for Lucien when he is speaking in Elliot's head.

Italics is for when Elliot is speaking in his own head.


Past – About 400-500 years ago

“Just get this over with already,”

“My, my; you sure are patient,”

Two men stood across from each other in a darkened room. Beside them was a wall of glass, letting the light from the lightning outside temporarily brighten the room. To the other side, opposite of the glass wall, were paintings – of what, one wouldn’t be able to tell in the darkness – that seemed to be of the same scene in different views. One man had a hand gripping onto the table beside him for support, the other hand clutching onto his chest in pain as he panted heavily. The other man stood proud and tall with his back facing an unlit fireplace.
Another lightning flashed, revealing blackened wings on the man who stood without movement or emotion on his face.

“Are you sure you want to do this? You can’t undo it,” the one with black wings said; his cold, harsh monotone voice not effecting the other one at all.

“Hmph, just do it already before I change my mind – I’ve been bracing myself for a while now, so hurry this up,” the other responded in the same harsh tone. He straightened himself, still gripping onto the table for support, and fixed the glasses resting on top of his nose.

“Whatever Master wants Master gets – oh, and you won’t be needing those anymore,” he said, referring to the glasses on the other man’s face, “You’ll be able to see even more than 20/20 vision after this is done,”

“Then get it done!” the shout tore through his throat and he couldn’t help but cough roughly in pain.

“Get ready, Elliot,” the wings on his back spread open wide and he bent slightly forward, as if preparing to run in a race. Without another warning, he dashed forward straight at Elliot and disappeared inside of him.

Elliot fell to his hands and knees while clutching onto his chest as if something inside of him was going to burst. He could hear his heart beating rapidly, pounding in his ears. Taking in deep, loud breaths, Elliot tried to calm himself down as much as he could. But then suddenly large black wings began to sprout out from his back; blood dripping to the ground from the feathered wings.

There’s no turning back now, a voice said from inside Elliot’s head.

Just shut up, don’t make this anymore painful by making me hear your disgusting voice; Elliot groaned in pain but didn’t collapse on the floor just yet. He screamed in agony just as the thunder clapped; seemingly like the thunder was trying to hide Elliot’s screams of pain from the rest of the world.

Don’t worry, the pain’ll be gone soon – you big baby, the voice said, echoing in Elliot’s head again.

I said shut up Lucien! Elliot shouted in his mind while holding back another cry of pain. The glasses on Elliot’s face fell to the ground, cracking as they made impact with the hard floor. Elliot’s face was now in pure concentration instead of pain. Slowly, the wings began to disappear and the wound on his back closed quite rapidly. Pushing himself up to his feet, Elliot staggered over to the large window. He gazed out with his amber-hazel irises without the slightest emotion.

Cheer up buddy, Lucien spoke up again, Think of it this way – we’ll be best friends forever! Lucien said sarcastically, which he followed by a laugh.

Oh, great – just what I wanted, Elliot responded with a more sarcastic tone, Forever...
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