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 Chapter One: It Starts With a Glance

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PostSubject: Chapter One: It Starts With a Glance   Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:33 pm

Present Day – Year 2007 – Chapter One: It Starts With a Glance

“There has been yet another tragic murder committed. The body was found just outside the city border inside the woods beside the road leading out of the city...”

“Hmph, another person’s been murdered; that’s the fifth one this month – and it’s only been two weeks into the month,” Elliot sat cross-legged in front of his large flat screen TV inside his overly large living room – which he hardly ever spends time in. He twirled the glass cup round with his wrist, listlessly watching as the red wine moved along with the glass. “It’s starting up again,” he said with a dejected sigh.

The only light in the room was coming from the large TV and the few candles surrounding him. The curtains over the ceiling high windows were drawn closed; creating a gloomy, melancholy feeling. “How long has it been now; since I last stepped out from these doors?” Elliot looked up to the ceiling and slowly drifted his eyes closed. A smile graced his lips as he began to remember sad memories of his past.

It has been a while since we stepped out through those doors, Elliot.

“Yes, Lucien, we,” Elliot chuckled lightly, rolling his head back even more onto the long couch he sat on. His amber-honey eyes seemed to have the reflection of fire from the candles dance within them; giving them life.

I think it’s about time we reintroduce ourselves to this new world of the present day.

“Yes, I think so, too, Lucien; but how will we do that without frightening the civilians?” Elliot pushed himself off the couch gently and began to make his way to the main halls where the winding stairs spiralled upward. He had put his cup down somewhere along the way, letting one of his servants pick it up after him. He moved aside a few stray hairs away from his line of vision just as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

You seem rather cheery today – well, you’re not being your normal gloomy self who always yells at me whenever I speak up; it’s here, isn’t it?

“Hm, yes – it is here – the only one reason why I’m allowing you to speak to me on a first name basis,” Elliot gripped onto the railing from old habit as he made his way up the stairs. His silent steps made no echo as he walked; only the sound of his gentle breathing was heard throughout the giant castle. Soon, windows began to appear and the light from the moon hit Elliot’s face gently as if caressing his cheeks. Elliot stopped and turned toward the glass and placed a hand lightly against the window.

Suddenly, black wings sprouted and appeared upon Elliot’s back in a blink of an eye. Black feathers glided gently around him while that smile still graced itself upon Elliot’s lips. Then his hair began to grow in length and change to a misty silver colour and didn’t stop until it reached around the back of his knees. Slowly he lifted his head up but instead of meeting amber-honey irises pure untainted golden eyes looked out into the world.

A chilling laugh tore through his throat and his head fell back in the process. His laughter echoed around him in a haunting manner. “Oh baby, Lucien’s back!”

Lucien spread his wings wide and flapped them twice.

Don’t get too excited – I’m not letting you out for that long.

Lucien just smiled at what Elliot said before flying high and crashing through the window he was once standing in front of. He took in a deep breath of the night air and sighed in content. He began to do air tricks, loops in the air, and would occasionally swoop down inches above the ground before zooming back up toward the sky. “Man! I’ve missed this!” Lucien shouted at the top of his lungs.

He flew up high and looked down below to see an aerial view of Elliot’s large home and endless amount of land. “Just like I remembered it,” he mumbled out loud to himself.

Stop fooling around Lucien!

“Calm down kid – don’t forget about your elders!” Lucien laughed whole heartedly, his chest puffing in and out as he did. “I’m just stretching my wings!” He began to flap them again and again, causing him to rise slowly higher and higher into the air.

Lucien quickly ripped off his shirt, revealing well toned and shaped muscles. He flexed and stretched out his arms and legs as if getting ready for a long exercise then yawned unexpectedly. “Hm! How about we go reintroduce ourselves, neh?”

Whatever – it’s not me doing it so I at least have the comfort knowing I’m not going to make a fool of myself.

“Suit yourself,” Lucien said before ascending higher into the sky. He soared high above the roof tops, looking down at the large city surrounded by nothing but a sea of trees. The city lights sparkled in Lucien’s golden coloured eyes and he smiled curiously in return; showing off a fanged tooth. “The city got a little bigger, but it sure got taller,” he said just as he turned to the left to avoid a tall skyscraper.

He looked around for a high place to land on and then settled on the balcony of an old fashioned looking building. Lucien sat down on the railing with one leg hanging down as if he wasn’t twenty stories above the ground. Spreading his wings as far out as he could, Lucien looked down at the streets below with half closed eyes followed by a long, deep sigh. “Tell me again why you didn’t get out more?”

People wouldn’t be very keen on the fact that I’m immortal – they might think I’m some monster or –

“You are a monster, Elliot,” Lucien cut in before Elliot had a chance to finish his sentence. “You’re not a person anymore; you’re a thing, a creature, a monster,” Lucien looked away from the bright city lights and turned to the invisible stars above. “Well – at least you watched TV a lot; let me know how the world outside was like,”

Slowly Lucien lifted on hand high up into the air and flattened his palm in the process. Suddenly, a lightning struck down right at his palm from the dark sky so fast one would have missed it if they had turned away for a split second. Lucien’s goal was complete – somewhat; he gained attention from a few handful of people. He thrust his arm upward, and again lightning struck down from up above.

He quickly fisted his hand this time; a dim light emanating through the thin cracks in between his fingers. Lucien stood up on the railing and jumped off, his wings quickly flapping to keep him up in the air.

Just then, before Lucien had time to notice or brace himself for the impact, a strong blow to his stomach was hit and Lucien almost fell from the sky. Then another hit came, and another, and another. Lucien, with his one hand still fisted, dodged the next blow and tried to get away from the unseen force.

“What the fuck was that!?” Lucien shouted at the top of his lungs in anger and annoyance. His other arm wrapped around his stomach in reflex to the pain, even though the pain had already gone, as he flew higher and higher. He stopped abruptly, turned around, and searched the area to see who could have hit him.

As he was searching a hot, burning sensation began to surface in the hand that was, still, fisted. Lucien hissed and held the hand, cradling it like it was a small child in his arms.

Let go of the stupid thing.

Without warning another blow came at Lucien right smack in the middle of his back. “Fuck!” Lucien said just as he accidentally let go of his hold of the light in his hand. A bright flash burst out and anyone who had been looking would’ve been temporarily blinded for a few seconds before regaining their sight. Electricity covered Lucien’s whole right arm and he held his arm painfully to his chest.

“Lucien,” a husky, male voice called out to him.

Lucien looked around him but saw nothing, then looked at the rooftop of the building beside him and saw a man standing proudly and calmly; looking right at him. He flew down to the roof but didn’t let his feet touch the ground; choosing to stay hovering above it instead. “You were the one hitting me,” Lucien said, sounding a little bit impressed. “But you’d need to do more than just hit me to hurt me,”

“I intend to,” he responded as if he had no fear, as if he thought himself to be the king of the world.

Lucien narrowed his eyes to examine the stranger’s face more closely and then widened them in confusion. “Who the hell are you!?”

However, Lucien’s question was never answered by words but was instead answered by the stranger making another blow right at Lucien’s chest – except he missed.

Lucien quickly grabbed him with his right arm, earning a grunt of pain from the other from having electricity shocking him to the bone; he should have howled in pain, if he were a regular human. Lucien pulled his other arm back, preparing for a strong blow toward the man’s stomach however the man had already disappeared from his grasp.

Lucien... He’s not human.

“Well, I think I figured out that much – what’re you!? Stupid?” Lucien turned around and dodged another strike just in time.

Lucien took that time to really look around him and saw many shadowed figures surrounding him. There were some on roof tops, some hanging off the edges with one arm, and others staring up at him from the ground; yet none of the civilians noticed them at all.

“Elliot, I can’t believe it – they were telling the truth; they’re back! They’re really back!” Lucien’s eyes went back and forth from each shadowed figures in panic.

Who is coming back Lucien? Make some sense for once in your never ending life...

“Demons are rising; my brothers and sisters have rebuilt and are starting to cross back over... And here I was just expecting it to be something small but fun to play around with for a while,” Lucien suddenly became breathless and his wings almost stopped holding him up in the air. Then, in a shaky voice, Lucien said, “They’ve rebuilt their army... Their damn army! Shit,”

Were not you part of that army and a general once? What is the problem?

“They are gonna hate me!” Lucien shouted just before diving down toward one of the shadowed figures; an arm extended forward, clawed fingers pointing out. When Lucien was just metres away from the creature a pulse ran through his body followed by a small shock of electricity. He looked up at the sky and noticed the sun slowly starting to peek out from the horizon. “No! Not yet! Elliot, we’re gonna...”


Elliot blinked his eyes opened but then closed them again at the rush of wind hitting at his face was too much for him to keep them open. His body slowly moved so that his head was now going to be the first thing that hit the ground.

Open your eyes idiot! Grab onto that railing!

Without opening his eyes, Elliot reached out for the railing and grabbed onto it. He was instantly stopped but there was a slight pain in his arm from the abrupt stop. You know I can’t die Lucien, what was all the worry for?

I know you can’t die, but your regeneration rate is slow and mine is much faster – so let’s wait until night time before we decide to do some sky diving without a parachute.

Hmph, calm down will you?

Fine, whatever – just don’t come running to me when people get freaked out when they see you putting your bones back into their sockets without so much as a flinch.

Elliot chuckled out loud as he pulled him up over the railing. He cracked his fingers, wrists, and neck before leaning forward against the railing just to look at the horizon. The sky was slowly fading into light hues of gold, orange, red, and pink.

Sorry to bother you again on your happy, little pansy moment but this isn’t your house – and guess who is behind you.

Elliot slowly turned his head to the side and peeked out from the corner of his eye at the person standing behind him. A girl, about the age of 16 or 17, stood behind him in a white nightgown. Her wide, frightful blue eyes stared at him like a deer caught in the daze of headlights from a car. Her nightgown reached around her ankles and it seemed that she was so scared that a stranger was standing on her balcony that her feet wouldn’t even move.

Still staring at her, Elliot slowly turned fully around so that they were face to face. A breeze brushed passed his back from the two holes on the back of his shirt from when Lucien’s wings sprang out. “Do you... Live here?” Elliot asked suddenly.

No duh, genius!

The girl just continued to stare at him, still frozen in fear. Her mouth was partly open in the shape of an ‘o’ and inside Elliot could feel Lucien become restless.

Hey, we haven’t had or even been around a girl in over 400 years; of course I’d get excited. Look at her, she smells of purity and innocence... God, I wish it was just a bit darker in here. Come on; just touch her – for me? I bet’cha her skin’s real soft.

Shut up Lucien...

Sorry, I’m a Demon; I like to do impure things – it’s my nature.

Elliot took a step forward, then another and another until he was about two or three feet away from the girl and off of the balcony. His short chestnut hair bounced softly with each step, a small ring around his head shining in the reflection of the sunlight. “Shh, OK?”

A gasp left her lips and her eyes widened even more – if at all possible – with the fear inside of her growing. The girl took a step away from Elliot and instinctively brought a hand up to her chest.

“No, I’m not going to do anything to you. I’m just going to –”

A scream tore out from the girl’s throat just as one of the shadowed figures burst into the room, crashing and pinning Elliot to the wall behind her.

Elliot struggled to free himself from the creature’s hold but instead howled in pain when it dung its claws into his arms; making sure he wouldn’t get out.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: It Starts With a Glance   Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:33 pm

Tell the girl to close those curtains and keep the lights off! I can’t come out with sunlight around!

“Close the curtains!” Elliot yelled out. His eyes were now shut; his concentration was fully focused on healing his wounds. When he didn’t hear the girl move at all to close the curtains he shouted out again and this time he heard the curtains being shut.

In the blink of an eye, Lucien and Elliot switched and now the shadowed creature was across the medium sized room. Before it could get back up again Lucien stuck his long claws into the place where the creature’s heart should be. Instead of pulling out a heart, Lucien pulled out a black orb the size of an average sized jawbreaker. The creature hissed in pain before disappearing into dust and mist.

Lucien turned toward the girl, who was shaking as she stood. He began to walk to toward her and only stopped until the girl was in arm’s reach. He quickly retracted his claws before reaching out to gently caress the girl’s cheek. Then as if under a spell, the girl became more relaxed and limp; her fear gone. “What’s your name? Tell me,”

“My name is...” the girl started, but couldn’t finish. Instead Lucien had placed a soft, quick kiss upon the girl’s lips then pulled back slightly. “Your name is Fable,” Lucien said for her. He still had his hand against Fable’s face, caressing it lightly and softly.

Lucien! What are you doing!? Step away from her!

Lucien pulled his hand away and took a few steps back. Slowly Fable started to blink her eyes and stared at Lucien with a look of mixture of confusion and fear. “What are you doing here? Who are you?” Fable whispered.

Switch. Now.

And things were just getting started; but whatever.

Elliot was back to his normal self, if that could be qualified as normal. He was going to answer the girl’s question but as soon as he was able to Elliot froze up – for the first time in the longest time – and just stood there. Right when Elliot was about to say something, his eyes grew heavy and then he just... Collapsed.

Fable ran to Elliot’s side and pulled him up as far as she could by his shoulders. She didn’t know what she was doing; it felt like she needed to help him. Using as much strength as she had since Elliot was a tad heavier than her, Fable lifted him up and placed him upon her bed. She touched his forehead to check his temperature and instead of feeling the usual heat when someone is ill, she felt nothing but coldness.

What happened?

It’s because you hardly ever let me out – your body’s not used to it; dumbass.

Shut up Lucien...

Fable snuck out from her room, making sure not to make noise so that the others in the house wouldn’t wake up; she was surprised they didn’t wake up to the loud noise from earlier. Shaking her head and continuing with the task at hand, Fable grabbed cleanest cloth closest to her and ran warm water into a bowl – since the man currently lying on her bed was freezing cold.

She tip-toed her way back while holding the cloth and bowl as close as she could to her body. Fable then placed the now wet cloth onto Elliot’s forehead and just sat there, watching him. She leaned in closer to examine his face, “There’s something familiar about you,” Fable whispered. “Oh! What am I doing? I have a strange man in my room and I just know that old hag of a mother is going to get angry if she finds out,”

Yeah, what’re you doing little girl? Wait! You recognise Elliot!? Dammit... She can’t hear me.

Fable sighed dejectedly and bowed her head low, and then knitting her brows together in thought. However, just before an idea could come to her head a yell tore her from her thoughts. “Miss Fable LeCroix! Wake up this instant! You have private school starting in one hour! Get ready now!”

LeCroix... LeCroix!? Shit! No way! Dammit it all! I have the worst luck! And here I was thinking she was decent.

“Yes, mother!” Fable shouted back. She turned toward her clock and groaned in frustration when she saw that it was broken into pieces. Without anymore distractions, Fable rushed to her closet and pulled out her private school uniform.

While Elliot remained unconscious Lucien’s spirit left his body but he only sat down beside Elliot on the bed. With glaring eyes, he watched the girl – Fable – pull out her clothes from the closet.

Hm, traditional business looking black uniform top and skirt with white socks and matching black shoes; reminds me of a nun. Except for that short skirt... Meh.

“Fable! Hurry up right this moment or I’m leaving you here!” shouted the ‘old hag’.

“Ugh... Coming!” Fable finished dressing up and grabbed her school bag. Before leaving she turned toward Elliot who was still resting peacefully; kind of. “Um, don’t move,”

Lucien was suddenly sucked back into Elliot’s body. He tried forcing himself out again but something was holding him back.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” came Elliot’s stern voice.

Aw, did you miss me? Did you worry? Oh, Elliot! You really do care!

“Stop being sarcastic,” Elliot pushed himself up to rest on his hands in a sitting position then felt something warm slide off his head and fall onto his lap. Looking down he saw a wet cloth which was now drenching his pants. He threw to the floor beside the bed with an irritated grunt before looking around the room.

We have to get out of here Elliot.

“What for?” Elliot grunted in pain when he tried to move a bit so his feet were off the bed and more comfortable. He felt his head, not minding the wet feeling he found there, and then fell back on the bed; his head resting a little off the side of the girl’s pillow.

She’s a LeCroix; I can’t be near a LeCroix

“A LeCroix? Hm, The Cross; I see why you can’t be near her then,” Elliot brought a head up to lay his head on and stared at the ceiling. “Okay, let’s go,”

Elliot pushed himself off the bed, instantly standing up straight on his feet.
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Chapter One: It Starts With a Glance
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