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 The Message of the Ugly: Intro

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PostSubject: The Message of the Ugly: Intro   Sun Dec 30, 2007 11:55 pm

a/n: One of my first attempts at writing I will post longer segments but i would just like to get the explianation of the world ive created out of the way in order to focus more on creating an interesting story that you will all enjoy please comment i will greatly apreciate any and all reviews and if you have any questions about the future world or the tower and its culture i will gladly answer. I hope you enjoy these first few paragraphs

Chapter One

The doctor woke with a start he checked his wife to see if he had woken her but she was asleep and beautiful and most important to him she was safe. His dream was of his wife and that she was hurt but it was so much more than that, it was like he was in a strange place he had never been before.

He had dreamt that they lived in dark places with tall green things that reached toward an open blue plain high above their heads the blue plain had white soft looking fluffy things on them that seemed to move but he couldnít touch them. He dreamt that he and his wife were naked and huddled near a fire and were eating what seemed to be an a small creature then from nowhere a giant monster walking on all four limbs covered in black fur devoured her.

The dream didnít make sense to him because the world had been inhospitable to man for several millennia. So he had no way of ever seeing the sky or trees or wildlife for that matter he had never left The Tower he lived in a tower a structure that ever human resides in comfortably and supposedly happy. It held 14 billion humans and was attached directly to the earthís core for power a massive structure that took 3 thousand years to build and took up most of the worlds resources.

Jeremiah was a doctor who specialized in the temporary reconstruction of female bodies to bear children. Humans have evolved in to tall elegant being that average full grown around 7 Ĺ to 8 feet in height they have extremely long and slender bodies with thin hips and broad shoulders and have no body hair the only hair they have grows on their head similar to their ancestors. Because their thin and extremely long frames females can no longer bare children without medical prosthetics to serve as a womb and also the embryo must be feed by means of a machine because the mother cannot consume enough nutrients to sustain herself and the child.

He looked at his clock it was early 4am he had barely fallen asleep he laughed to himself he was nervous today was the day he was to betray the world.
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The Message of the Ugly: Intro
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