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 time guardian saga

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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: time guardian saga   Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:31 am

Episode 42: They appear, the fearsome time guardians

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, Ho put a stop to Gohan's destructive action. With Gohan recovered from the battle, Takeshi wished to fight the unknown dangerous people Gohan mention, the three blue star guardians were transport back to Earth.

At Earth,

The guardians have arrived only to find it unharmful and as alway very peaceful.

Takeshi pissed out clearly flared up that the fighters are not here: Oraaa, where are the strong guys you are talking about?

Gohan stood there silently, completely unknown about Takeshi's question, for he cannot understand the reason behind the suprisingly peace which should be chaos.

Gohan thinking: Could it be my mistake..... no it can't be because there indeed the enormous ki charging here with overwhelming killing intent. Wait why can't I felt Father and the other's ki here. Could it be that father change the battle to outer space using his instant transmission. Then, he is at................found it. At the Grand kai planet.

Gohan yelled similar to a command: Ho

Ho: I know. instant transmission

And they appeared at the Grand Kai planet

Grand Kai planet,

What they saw confirm Gohan's worry. With nearly all the Z-fighters knocked out, and only Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Super saiyan 2 Vegeta and Super saiyan 3 Gotenks facing off two fighters wearing a golden cape.

The latecomer group soon understand Gohan's fear except for Takeshi who is overwhelm by his fighting desire.

Ho: So this is the fearsome opponent you are mentioning. Indeed scary and not a opponent to mess with. The time guardians who possess the, last of the 3 strongest set of Dragonball, Gold star Dragonball.

Narrator: With the most likely the greatest battle the Z-fighters ever face, the stage is set. How will it develop from here? Hope you can continue reading the next episode of Dragonball GP. Next episode will cover the event of what occur on Earth when Gohan fighting Ho earlier on

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:16 am

Episode 43:Flashback of the arrival of Gold star Guardians part 1

Time turn back for a moment for us to witness the scene of the fight between the Z-fighters and Gold star Guardians

Thing were as it always be the Saiyan were stuffing themselves with unbelievable amount of food and sparing each other as soon they are done with it.

But there came two people bursting into the dome of capsule corp.

Vegeta/ Vegeta Jr yelling: What the heck are you doing? How damn you destroy my home.

The man on the left lay his cheek on his hand: It does not matter right. We will annihilate you for the sake of this universe, for the sake of time.

The Z-fighters don't understand a bit of the later part but they do understand that the two guys tried to kill them. And because of that other than the Saiyans, Tenshinhan, Androids and Piccolo, everyone burst out into laughter thinking that impossible after all they have the Saiyans, which are capable of defeating any enemy they faced before.

Krillin swayed his hand while still laughing: That impossible. Train for another 1000years then come back.

Goku yelled loudly warning Krillin: Watch for Krillin

The guy with his high speed pierce through Krillin's heart with a thrust. This shock anyone in the area except Vegeta

???? Praising: Hoooooo! You are fast, Son Goku. To rescue your human friend and left only his image behind.

Goku with his battle face pick up all the Z-fighters and use instant transmission to the Grand Kai planet. The two mysterious people follow with their own instant transmission.

Goku: Who are you and what and why you guys want with us?

The other guy who been slience so far: Why should we answer you? If you win, perhap we might tell you the reason. That is if you can

The Saiyan turned to Super Saiyan and together with the human Z-fighters charge toward the two strangers but with a mere discharge of their ki, only the Saiyans and Uub remain in the air, while the human were pushed back by the great ki force

Vegeta thinking while becoming super saiyan: That is some amount of ki

Goku thinking while becoming super saiyan: Guess we observe while warming up before we go all out

Piccole thinking taking off his weigh clothes: Againist these guys, I am more or less insignifigure changing the result. If that the case then I will pull out all the stop and at the very least get him to display his power.

Goten and trunks move into the Fusion dance pose: Fu sion

Uub thinking: I will definely protect Earth

Goten and Trunks: HA

Gotenks in his base form laughing: AH HAHAHAHAHA!! Now Gotenks is here, the two of you are dead. I don't even need to show you me Super Saiyan

Narrator: And so the battle begun. The Z- fighters do they stand any chance of winning. As the flashback is continue. Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:45 am

Episode 44: Flashback of the arrival of the Gold Star Guardian part 2, Gotenks VS Valan

the flashback is continued from the beginning of the battle between the strongest member Z-fighters and the Gold star guardian

*battle scene*
Gotenks charge at the time guardian, whom more quiet among the two, with great speed surrounded by a aura and start a series of combo consist 20000000 fists and kicks but instead of defending by dodging or blocking, he went offense with greater speed. Both of themare knocked out the air and land on the ground and swift charge back at each other. Continuing their combat, they rapidly appear drom the sky to the land then to the seas.

Gotenks now floating in the air becoming Super Saiyan: You are not bad but definely no match for Super

SSJ Gotenks powering up more to enter Super Saiyan 3: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

the ground tremble as the cloud began to split the waves rage as the sky turned black. lightning flash around with the thunder roar.

Gotenks in Super Saiyans3: Gotenks

????: That was some incredible ki you got there But I wonder if you can even hit me

Gotenks arrogantly: can't hit you. Don't make me laugh. You will died within 5 minutes

the time guardian disappear from Gotenks and reappear behind Gotenks

???? fist crush into Gotenks but it is an afterimage as Gotenks launched a kick from the side, the time guardian's afterimage fade as he get a hammer at Gotenks back

Gotenks upside down: continuous die die missile

countless of ki blast heading toward ???? but he get out there and stand on the top of a mountain. then he saw his shadow is slowly covered by another shadow, he look up and saw a giant balloon. the Balloon exploded and rain down countless of kamikaze ghost with Gotenks look on it. The ghost esploded close to ???/and the view is cover with smoke and dust

Goku in SSJ: Did it get him

Gotenks: HAHAHA. cannot hit you well your dead by my super powerful kamikaze ghost attack.

Gotenks turned his back but he got hit by a sphere ki blast.

Gotenks in shocked: What how can you survive my attack. My power up kamikaze ghost attack should be able to take out anyone even they are using ki barrier

???? showing his top due to his shirt blow off by the explosion and had some minor injured: You are stronger than I thought. I have change my opinion about you. If even one of those ghost attack I sure I turn into dust. but your attack is no different from a ki blast if they exploded before in contact with me

Gotenks: What how can it not be contact with you. I sure they will not contact with each other again like in my battle with Buu

????: Then have you consider me fired a ki beam to erase them all

Gotenks: Indeed with that you can minimize the damage to the minimal since you would not be in contact but with that you would still be damage to the point of unable to stand on foot by the explosion

????: Even if I in a 50 feet deep and 3m diameter hole

Gotenks: What

????: All I need to do is destroy on footing ground and lure the ghost to the hole and destroy them

the guardian raised his hand and pour great amount of ki into it

????: You have done well. And so deserve to be kill by my hand, the hand of the no3 east protecter of time Valan, instead of lying down here rot away.

Goku and Vegeta yelled: Stop it

Valan striking down his attack: Farewell for the sake of time

Narrator: What will become of Gotenks? Will a saver came or perish by the guardian. What about Gokue and Vegeta? find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Sat May 23, 2009 6:02 am

Episode 45: Flashback of the arrival of the Gold Star Guardian part 3, Goku vs Valan

The battle with the Gold Star Guardian continued

Gotenks body split back into Goten and Trunks but both are unconscious with severe injured. Goku charged to the rescue with a punch aiming for the face but Valan's forearm block it.

Valan: why are you so flare up for? Those who are blind by rage and lose their cool will lost in a fight in the end. You should understand, Son Goku

Goku: so what about it? Even if I lost to you, I will not let you land a hit on my friends and family. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh

Goku's aura explodes and began to push back Valan. He let out another scream and all the aura envelop into his palm. With a blast, the ki sent Valan flying to a nearby mountain. Valan yell and increase his energy output sending the rumble flying. He began to walk toward Goku

Valan clapping as he walks out the rock: Not bad, you are even better from what heard.

Goku: You are not half bake as well. That why...........GRR...AHHHHHHH

Goku powering up and enter Super Saiyan 2: then, I will fight you with all of my power

Valan: Then, I should not hold back myself. WAAAAAA

The earth split up as the mountain give way to Valan energy and crumples. The energy pushes Goku back forcing him to transform into Super Saiyan 3 to stand up to the energy. The two formidable fighter charge at each other and meet with their elbow. Goku started exchanging blow with Valan. The sound "boom" echo throughout the air. Deciding to change the pace the battle, Valan with a reverse back roundhouse kick to Goku's neck, Goku crash onto the ground lying at a crater of 25m radius wide. Not letting this chance slip, Valan charge up an energy beam and aim at Goku, dealing even more damage.

Goku: Ahhh this bad. My body can't move.

Valan fly down and land before Goku body is. As he began to talk

Valan: Son Goku, you guy have always protecting this world. Just for the sake to protect those things that are precious to you no matter how strong the enemy is. For that reason you came back from dead over and over again. But if I were to say that your and the Z fighters' death will bring peace to this entire universe. Will you do?

Goku: Wha...t are you talking about

Valan: Although I said that I will only tell you the truth if you manage to defeat me, I decided to change my mind for the sake to hear your choice. Listen carefully; I will not repeat anything once.

Valan inhale deeply

Valan: I am a member of the time guardian, who possesses the Gold star dragonball. Our existence is to exterminate all who distort the timeline in this universe. And those people are you and your friends. The Z-fighters.

Goku thinking: huh what is this guy talking?

Narrator: The unexpected action occur. Everything about the Gold star Guardian are revealing. Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.

Author note: Sorry for the slow update and the chapter length which is shorter

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:51 am

Episode 46: Flashback Of The Arrival Of The Gold Star Guardian Part 4, The Origin Of The Time Guardian

Valan and Goku battle came to a stop as Valan decided to tell Goku their motive and reason for fighting them

Valan: it is about ten billion ago, it all started because of Bibidi when he first create a beast similar to the buu you guy know.

Goku: So there is a monster like Buu out here somewhere.

ignoring Goku question: but it was a failure, Bibidi is unable to tame
that monster and it kill Bibidi and was let loose. Eventually, the
monster wiped out the universe leaving a total of 16 survivors in the
entire universe.

Piccolo who is analyzing the time guardians at
the moment, when heard about the newly reveal information from Valan is
shocked while a drip of sweat roll down from his head

Piccolo thinking: that impossible. If that monster killed Bibidi right away then who create majin buu.

But at this moment, ???? perform a reverse roundhouse kick to Piccole face, sending him miles away

Piccolo: Strong, he is way stronger than my expectation. And what is this speed he is moving at.

Hohoho, you guy will not stand against us. Not with a resolve and
fighting ability like that. We will definably protect time.

Piccolo powering up: So what about it. We too have thing we want to protect

Back to the conversation between Goku and Valan,

Goku: So what wrong with it. That thing you say is a thing of a past and there is no reason you should kill us

Valan: No. We will kill you. Because your very existence, even if just by living might very well free that monster.

Goku: What are you talking about?

Valan: that monster is still alive in another universe and is on the verge of breaking into this universe.

Goku: What did you say?

At that time, the 16 survivor did not manage to kill that monster.
Instead, they decided to create a new universe with the dragonball.
Using the gold star dragonball, sliver star dragonball and blue star
dragonball, they manage to create a universe that is exactly the same
as the one they live but before the creation of the monster.
Immediately, they flee toward it. They manage to seal the universe to
ensure the monster will never break out. The youngest of the survivor
used up all his ki and perish. The remaining 15 survivors form the time

Goku: then, you are

Valan: Right I am one of the 15 survivors of that time.

but why. Why do you want to kill us? We did not do anything like
breaking the seal. Beside you can use the time machine like Trunks did.

No. You and your friends are all breaking the seal. The seal known as
time. When the Trunks from the future, use the time machine to inform
you of the creation of the Android, from that moment, all the entire
event are wrong. As time pass by, the seal is getting weaker. Beside
even if we time travel, it is meaningless. For that monster have the
ability to travel time.

Goku: If that the case, why didn't you stop us.

We all wish to stop you. But when we were sealing that monster, it
places a seal on us as well. We are unable to stop you. But now that
the two of us manage to break out, we will kill you and fix up the seal.

Goku: That I will not allow you to do. I know I am selfish but I will not allow any of my friends to be killed.

Valan: If that monster got out, all the lives in this universe will be killed. It will just be like that time.

No one is gonna be killed. We have defeated so many bad guys, even if
this monster come, we will defeat him and move on. Beside, I am
excited. To face this monster.

Valan: You are saying that
because you did not know how strong that monster is. This deal is off.
I will kill you for the sake of this universe.

Narrator: And so the battle is continued. Who will emerge in the end? Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP.

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:02 am

Episode 47: Flashback Of The Arrival Of The Gold Star Guardian Part 5, Enter The Youngster

Valan"s negotiation with Goku break down as they continue their battle

*battle scene*
Valan charge at Goku and knee Goku's head, then he grab Goku's shirt with his
left hand and assault Goku with his other hand. Goku seriously injured
transform into the true Super Saiyan 4 and let out a cry to push Valan away.
Valan though being blast away by the ki did not break his stance and charge an
energy beam.

Goku panting: St...rong. Way stronger than I thought. It cannot be help. I will
raise my power level even if it kills me.

Valan release his energy beam: eat this. Soul cannon

the energy immediately expand his size as soon Valan release it. The blue beam annilate
anything in it way as it progress toward Goku.

Goku yelled as his aura turn a bit reddish from its originally pure gold state:
Super Kaioken X3

the surrounding land and water are blast up to the sky by the sudden increase
in Goku power level. Goku punch the energy beam, successfully deflect it as the
energy beam change it course and turn back at Valan. Valan immediately dodge
and barely make it. But Goku using his instant transmission, teleport above
Valan. This action surprised Valan as Goku do a backhand with the sound
"shroom" Valan crash onto the land creating a crater.

Goku feeling the pain from his technique: Yi te te te (a sound make by Japanese
when hurt), like I thought, Super Kaioken in Super Saiyan 4 hurt like hell. It
like my body will explode any moment. Have to finish this soon.

Valan: Is this a joke. That guy increases his power level by 3x all of a
sudden. Is he using the kaioken in that state? No it cannot be.

Meanwhile at King Kai planet,
King Kai using his telepathy: Goku, this is absurb. You will really die from this.

At Supreme Kai planet,
Supreme Kai: Oi oi, will Goku be alright, Elder

Elder Kai: that is hard to say. While Goku has always evolve to the next level
in battle like this, this amount of energy is really overwhelming

Back on Grand Kai planet,
Goku is fighting with Valan in a melee combat, Goku manage to get the upper
hand. Valan dodging swifeing as he tries to find an opening to turn the
table. But Goku fierce assaults give him a run for his money. And with a kick
to the knee, Valan break his stance and effectively allow Goku to trash Valan
with a barrage of punches. This sends Valan flying toward to the Grand
Kai Mansion,
destroying it in the process. Goku not letting this one in a million chance
pass, fire kamehameha continually.

Goku: I will apologize to Grand Kai but now the top priority is to take this
guy down first. My body is at its limit. I will finish it with this one blow.

Valan: There is no way I will be defeat by you. There is no way I will let
Bagara's death to be wasted.

Goku: Super Dragon fist

Valan: Valan cannon

the familiar blue energy beam is fired toward Goku but Goku with his dragon-shape
ki tear the energy beam apart

Valan: Sorry, Bagara. In the end, I am unable to defeat him.

But at this moment, Goku body is unable to withstand the power and backfire on

Goku cough out blood as he reverts back to his normal state: Damn it. It is
just a little more.

Valan recover from his shock: So you did use the Kaioken. But in the end, your
effort is in vain.

He began to charge an energy beam.

Piccolo: Shit

Vegeta: Kakarot

Valan: Farewell, Son Goku

But at this moment, two warriors emerges and punches Valan cheek. This action
make Valan miss his aim.

Hikaro and Vegeto Jr: We will not let you do as you please.

Valan getting up: For me to get push this far by an attack like that, the
damage that I took from the last battle is not a joke. But taking care of this
two is not a problem.

Narrator: While Goku has fallen, the newly joined Z-fighters have taken over.
Will they defeat the weaken Valan or fall down like Goku? Find out in the next
episode of Dragonball GP.

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:59 am

Episode 48: Flashback Of The Arrival Of The Gold Star Guardian Part 6, a tiny hope is all we need

Goku is taken down by Valan. And so the youngster enter the battle to rescue the super saiyan.

Hikaro and Vegto jr: we will stop you

Valan: Forget it. With your power, you are like a eagle trying to stop a lion.You might escape from me but never defeat me.

Hikaro: so what about it. You has already been weaken. And thus given us the eagle a chance of victory. like how crow eat up the dead. the strong and the weak make no difference.

Valan: foolish. I will show you the difference between a bird and a beast.

*battle scene*
Valan charge toward Vegeto jr, Vegeto jr quickly fire a energy beam. But it hit a after-image as the real Valan appear beside Vegeto jr. And with a energy blast, Vegeto jr is knocked out. Hikaro then appear above Valan, and kick at his head with all his might. But Valan did not even budge from that spot.

Hikaro: impossible

Valan: what is? I sure I inform you of our difference in power

Hikaro: overdrive, power.

Hikaro's power raise tremendously as the ground split into half.

Valan: This power is amazing. For someone as young as you, you are quite powerful. But even so, you will never touch a time guardian.

Hikaro: like I care that much. what I care is to help my friends, that all I need to do things. 

Valan: Is that so. I guess it is true. but

Valan charge a energy beam

Valan: This is the end, Valan cannon

Hikaro: This is my everything, Ka Me Ha Me

Valan's attack is only a meter away from Hikaro


the blue energy begin to push Valan's cannon back but stop when Valan pour more energy into it

Hikaro and Valan: Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

An explosion occur and cover the battlefield with dust. And the two warrior stand there in silent

Hikaro smile: Ha, I fail. sorry, everyone

Valan: Another one down. With that the left is

???? dragging Piccole's unconscious body: I done here. All that left is Vegeta

Vegeta: Come. I will show you the power of the Saiyan prince.

Narrator: And so Vegeta is gonna take on the two time guardians. what will happen to him. Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Tue Nov 10, 2009 1:40 pm

Episode 49: Flashback Of The Arrival Of The Gold Star Guardian Part7, not giving in

The Saiyan prince is the only man left standing. Who will have the last laugh?

* battle scene*
the two time guardians charge together toward the saiyan prince. the close range combat went quickly forcing Vegeta to keep dodging their attack.

Valan: You will not win against us if all you did is dodging

Vegeta:Shut up

As the close range combat continue. Then, the unname time guardian, withdraw from the battle, and lift his hands up high in the sky. As small light of energy, began to gather

Vegeta: That move is......Kakarot's

With his concentration off from the battle, Valan manage to get a elbow into Vegeta's lung. But he did not stop there. He continue his merciless fists assault and smash Vegeta with a backhand to his abdomen. This blow sent Vegeta flying to a mountain.

Stuck in the mountain, Vegeta cough out blood as he fell to the ground when the mountain give way to the impact. The mountain crumble as Vegeta bury by the countless of rubble.

????: Rest in peace, by this attack, from me, Valetine, Spirit Bomb

the blue orb, 60m wide in diameter, went flying toward Vegeta who is still cover by the rubble. but at this time, a man whose body is also cover in wounds by the time guardians, charge into the path between the spirit bomb and Vegeta. Intercepting the attack

Valentine shock to see that someone is still able to stand up from the beating of the battle ask out loud.

Valentine: Who is it? The one who stopping my attack after having taken the damage from us. and still capable of stopping the spirit bomb

The blue orb is lift up revealing the hero face.

Goku laughing: it is me, Son Goku

Vegeta then emerge from the rubble, breathing heavily.

Vegeta: Kakarot, stand back. with that body, you will break down if you continue

Goku: Don't worry about me. I will not give up. not yet

Then, another hand come to help Goku. It is Goten

Goten: That right. We are not going to give up yet.

The father and son nod their head and release any single bit of energy that still reside within their body and push the spirit bomb back. But this is shortlived, as the orb is push back toward them. But something unexpected happen. the Spirit bomb is breaking apart by the battle and broke into tiny piece of energy. The Saiyans then being closer to the energy absorb them, unintentionally of course, and return back to their full strength. This include Trunks and Vegeta.

Vegeta: I can feel my strength coming back.

Goku taking a stance: Me too. But even so, while Valan is weaken, Valetine is still quite fresh. don't let your guard down for even a second.

Gotenks being cocky as alway: But in front of Gotenks, the ultimate warrior, their chance of winning is now zero.

Vegeta warning Gotenks: Fool, are you not taken down by that guy earlier effortlessly

Gotenks being embrassess of the mention of his defeat earlier: Ahhahaha, That is......

And the three saiyans power up to their highest level, except Goku, who go super saiyan 3 instead, since the super saiyan 4 is too much for his body which have barely just recover, stand in front of the time guardians once more.

This is when Son Gohan and his comrade arriving at the battlefield.And you know the rest

Narrator:And so the battle continue. the one who get the last laugh is......find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.

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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:33 pm

Episode 50:Last one standing win it all

The flashback have ended. The man who will win the battle is

*battle scene*
Goku and Vegeta charge toward the Valetine and Gotenks soon follow to stop Valan from interupting their battle. Gotenks then throw in a punch and hit Valan in the face, sending the man flying to the ground creating a crater. Gotenks start to descend to the group slowly as he continues to keep his guard up. When the dust and smoke continue to hide the time guardian, Valan releases his energy. blowing the dust and smoke away. Only to see Gotenks with his army of ghosts.

Gotenks smirk with his 100 ghosts prepared to strike: We have an old score to settle, Super kamikaze ghost attack

the Gotenks' ghosts counterpart, make their way to the time guardians. Valan then roar as a clear, white blast create a huge shockwave across the regions. The frontline ghosts went exploding quickly, which affect the ghosts at the back, creating a chain of explosion. Gotenks then enter the smoke and preparing to give Valan another punch. Valan took notice of it and kick him in the chin. But this is reveal to be an after-image and Gotenks then appear behind Valan again and hammer him in the neck. But that Valan is another after-image as well. Gotenks quickly turn his body around as the two fighters elbow meet each other.

A silence glare as the shockwave blow across the region. Then, without a signal, a melee combat begun as the two fighters move around sky.

Meanwhile, Valetine is trying to shake off the two super saiyans. But it is not easy. Having a super saiyan 3 is usually enough to give a person a run for his money, and now he is dealing with another Super saiyan 2.

But he is not giving in. He vow to himself that he will emerge as the winner so that the beast will not be release. So as to not make his friend's sacrifice be in vain, he will not fail in his mission to stop the time from breaking any further.

Veletine: the one who win is us, the time guardians.

This is the weight and responsibility carried by them who know about the terrifying strength of the beast.

To his dismay, Vegeta had manage to get an elbow in his abdomen. This stop him for a few moments, but that few moments is all they need. A zero point blank energy attack sent him flying to the right as the two saiyans chase after him. Vegeta knee him at the back which sent Valetine to the sky and Goku who is waiting there, hammer him in the stomach. Valetine crash into the ground, but the saiyans know instinctively that Valetine is not down yet. And they continue to spam energy beam attack( in Goku case, it is continuous kamehameha in each hand)

Vegeta: Did we get him

Then Valetine appear at the saiyans back with two energy swords. He is about to cut them apart till Takeshi who put his hand on Valetine's shoulder.

Takeshi chuckled:Sync link, Suzaku

A vermillion bird appear and coming at Valetine. But Veletine fire an energy beam, destroying the bird along with Takeshi

Takeshi: This is a lie. a joke. I am defeated so quickly.

Takeshi have been defeated. But that small opening allow Goku to perform his strongest attack

Goku look down at Valetine as he held a gigantic blue orb.

Valetine:Spirit bomb not going to work on me.

Then, Vegeta fire his infamous final flash at Valetine pushing him toward Goku. The super saiyan 3 then throw the orb and crash the time guardian. The result is that Valetine body is on the verge of crumbling to his wound. But he perseveres and blow a hole in the spirit bomb. With a fist to Goku chin, the super saiyan 3 fell once more.

Vegeta: That monster, how can he still go on after all those damage

But Valetine fell soon after that. While the same situation can be say for Gotenks and Valan who both knock each other out cold in the energy beam struggle.

The first battle have ended in the victory for the Z-fighters. at least for now

Narrator: And so, the first round victory goes to the Z-fighters. But there still another 13 members of the time guardians. the battle have not ended.

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:17 pm

chapter 51: Here come the devil trainer. An angel of kindness, Shiriri

The first round have ended. But the Z-fighters experience a near annihilation by simply 2 members of the time guardians. What shall they do now.

At the kami's lookout,
Dende is seen healing both Vegeta and Goku's wounds. After the fierce battle between the Z-fighters and time guardians, Gohan had Ho to teleport all of them to the lookout so that the god, Dende, could fix them up. While he himself had keep an eye on the guardians themselves.

Piccole looking far away as he wonders when will the second wave will come. After surviving the first wave of attack is strong enough. it is a miracle that all of them had survive, even though they had been beaten up badly, considering the strength of their enemy who are all out to kill them. And while he had always knew that their strength pale in comparison with the saiyans, he did not believe that he is unable to extract any information that able to help them.

Piccole: While the enemy are getting stronger, what have we been doing

Truthfully, it is not his fault. In fact, all of the Z-fighters have been getting stronger. but the magnitude is not in the same league with the Saiyans. Yet he continues to blame his own weakness pulling the Saiyans' back.

Meanwhile, there is another person who is thinking of the same thing as Piccole. He is the reincarnation of the majin buu, Uub.(yeah I totally forget about him in the war)

Uub: In this battle, I did not manage to help in anyway. Even though, Goku entrust the Earth fate to me. What am I doing when I am living on this planet while they are dead?

That is true to the letter. Uub is one of the first to fall despite his power is second only to the Saiyans. This is because, in the battle againist Valetine, he is continuously protecting them from Valetine attacks. But what make him fill with regrets is because of him taking the Earth's peace for granted. And because of that, like Gohan, he had not been training and thus unable to match up with the Saiyans.

Takeshi is however, not regretting. He is rather dissapointed at himself and angry at himself. Ever since he become a blue star guardian, he always think himself is special, unique being one of the chosen person to guard an precious dragonball. So his defeat, this time round is a big blow to him. Hurting his pride badly. Not to mention, he is defeated by Gohan just a few hours ago.

And they wish to become stronger. Then, as if hearing their call, a girl is seen heading toward the lookout. And arrive in matter of second.

Goku: Who is that

Gohan: Ah....why are you doing here. But I guess it doesn't matter. Save me the trouble to look for you.

Krillin: Gohan, you know this girl. Sure is hot huh this

Android 18 shoot a glare

Krillin: weather. Ahahahaha

Gohan: Yeah I know her. She is the one who train me when I find the 4 star blue star dragonball.

Vegeta thinking: She trains Gohan. I barely feel any ki from her. Is she suppressing her ki

???: Hi Gohan, and everyone. My name is Shiriri, one of the blue star guardian. Gohan flatter me after all I am the weakest of the group

Takeshi: Oi...Shiriri. Mind give me a training

Everyone excluding the blue star guardians were shock. To think Takeshi is seeking training from someone weaker than him is.........not just him. In fact, seeking training from someone weaker seem wrong. or so they thought.

Ho: Shiriri though not the strongest of us. But she is capable of giving a training that will increase a person by 10 folds. The devil trainer...holder of the two star blue star dragonball

Narrator: Another guardian have arrival. What will happen to the Z-fighters? To be continue

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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PostSubject: Re: time guardian saga   

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time guardian saga
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