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 Take A Moment

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PostSubject: Take A Moment   Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:55 pm

Only you could be the one to take
All of my happiness along with a
A single touch to create a moment
for me to remember forever consisting of
your laugh and your
smiles when you decided to spend with me your time

Only I will remember that time
because God decided to take
you from this world and your
lost smile will turn mine into a
frown; those times of
cheerfulness were a long ago, far away, moment

Only we can share that moment
but because your time
with me was cut short and of
happiness I can no longer speak. They take
a picture and expect it to last but a
picture in my mind of your

smile your touch and your
happiness is only a single moment
that we could have created into a
long lasting life time
What is it that would take
a life with no thoughts of

those left behind to mourn of
that life. your
the only one who ever could take
me out of my shell, and that moment
in time
has been gone. A

child may cry for his mother but a
loss one experiences later is of
the nature equivalent to torture. Time
is gone your
time and my moment
left in this world. Which is why I take.

my life because both of our time is your
moment of life
taken from a world that cares no more.

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Take A Moment
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