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 What About Me

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PostSubject: What About Me   What About Me Icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 9:13 pm

My blood runs cold the minute I see you
But I guess you wouldn’t care
So far I can barely feel you
You're near me but still not there

What's left but a passion that lingers
on in a place you're too blind to see
Am I to tell you my feelings are wrong?
Why bother you're not listening to me

There are so many things I'd like to say
Because the feeling's been haunting my soul I
hated the look you gave me today
What's left in my heart but a hole

I get it now, I'm not worth it any more
Was I ever?
I've left my feelings at the door
I love you so much it hurts

I'll keep my mouth shut
And lock my heart tight
Let the pain fall from this cut
That you opened in one slice

It's my fault you hate me
I should have stayed in my darkness
My feelings never mattered anyway
I thought with you I could be different

It’s my fault that I’m like this
Obsessed with someone who I knew
Could never love a boy like me
Who couldn’t even think of me as a friend

Why did I get so close to you
Close enough so that I knew I couldn’t live
Without you in my arms all of the time
I dream of holding you all night long

My fantasies give me the sleep that you took away
And cause me to writhe in pain when I wake
The cuts you left in my heart become real
I act them out, slicing deeper and deeper

As you stray further and further away.

What About Me X3ettv
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What About Me
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