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 The Crystal Shard Chapter 1 Pt. 3

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PostSubject: The Crystal Shard Chapter 1 Pt. 3   The Crystal Shard Chapter 1 Pt. 3 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 7:08 pm

I closed my eyes and pictured the lower class streets of Amsterdam. As I concentrated, I felt my power dissolving my body and everything attached to it. After I was in my atomized form, there was nothing that I could do to protect myself. All I could do was exist and feel the sensations of open space swirl around me at supersonic speeds as I traveled to my destination.
My atoms reformed and I opened my eyes, gazing out on a street that was clearly not the one that I had pictured. It wasn’t even as if the street had been remodeled or run down in my absent memories. I was somewhere entirely different from my intended destination.
“Damn it.” I pulled my locator from my purse and switched it on. As it began to load I took a look at my surroundings. The buildings were quite old and condemned in this area of town. Many of the windows had been recently broken into the street, and the buildings were still made of brick. The mortar was so old that it would crumble at a touch. I had absolutely no clue as to where on Earth I was, for certainly I was on Earth; no other planet would dare employ using brick nor would it be as dirty as here.
My locator beeped to let me know that it had found signal. I turned my attention from the dismal streets and to the plasma screen. I tapped a few choice buttons and the map showed up. I was as of now in London, England, part of the Alliance of Asian Countries. Great. I wasn’t allowed to be on Earth as it is and I had ended up in the exact place that I had been banned from in the first place. How was I supposed to know that it was illegal to shout obscenities at the emperor? It’s not my fault that he was a fat ass dictator who had the entire population believing every word that came out of his mouth.
I switched screens to look for anyone who I might have a relationship with in this area. The system only returned one result. A Sumania I. Vanite. She was an estranged aunt of mine that had left Azure to get away from everything. For some reason there was something in her head that made her revel in the simplest things. She was my mother’s sister and had left right after her and my father died. I printed out her address and began to walk. It was around midday when I began down the desolate streets, wending my way toward the better parts of town. Machist walked with me for a little bit, sniffing the debris that littered the ground, before becoming his lazy self again and climbing back into my purse. Then again it could just be that it was taking him a lot longer to get used to the density of the air. Earth s atmosphere was thicker than that of both Azure and Makiff III. Normally it only takes me a few seconds of heavy breathing but Zachriel were sensitive and it would probably take until morning for him to feel better.
It was almost the next morning, when I arrived at my aunt s house. Day s here sure are short. I didn’t know how she would react to my sudden appearance, but it wasn’t going to be joyously. I pulled out the address again just to make sure and put on an innocent face before ringing the doorbell. After a few seconds a man in all black with a sinister look on his face answered the door.
Umm . . . Maybe I did get the address wrong . . .
“I’m sorry I think I have like the wrong address. I’m looking for my aunt Sumania? I didn’t mean to like bother you so early.”
“Maybe I can help you,” the man replied. He didn’t look at all bothered to be woken up. “When did you last speak wit your aunt?” He asked motioning for the piece of paper. I handed it to him and followed him inside.
“Truthfully I’ve never seen her even like once. I found her address in the local phone book and like I thought that this would be a good place to rest while I’m like in town.” We entered a lavish living room and he sat in a chair while I opted for the sofa. He looked at me while he talked and it made me feel like I was on trial.
“You know, I’ve only moved here recently. The realtor told me that the woman who owned this place passed away. I’m sorry to say that may have been your aunt.” I hate my locator now. Why can t it ever update the right information?
“That’s just great. I actually come to her house from like light-years away and she goes and dies. Now where am I like supposed to stay?” I said aloud.
“I have no problem with you staying here, but I’m on my way to Amsterdam tonight and you would be here alone.”
“Really?!” I jumped from the sofa. This was the best news I had received all day. This guy would be a great cover while in Amsterdam. Most people will stare if a girl my age is wandering around alone, but with him around . . . “I’m like totally headed there too!”
“What s your name?” he asked, backing into his chair. My extreme reaction must have shocked him.
“Mila Vanite form Makiff III. And you are?”
“Jisatsu Namichi, a vampire from Nogar at your service.” A vampire? According to my studies, these people were forced to stay on their home planet. However, my concern was not with the legality of his stay on Earth, particularly when mine was also questionable. A vampire would be more than an adequate companion in the despicable streets of Amsterdam.
“Really? Like a vampire? So do you like drink blood? Like how often do you have to drink? Can you like eat other foods like chips and stuff? Are you like a thousand years old? How did you become a vampire? Does it like hurt. Will you like make me into a vampire?”
“Hey calm down! Yes I’m a vampire. I drink blood and I just killed your aunt so I don’t need any more for a few days but I can eat regular food. I was born a vampire and avoid the blessing of death so I am forced to wander the dark side of planets until the end of time. And I am only four hundred and seventeen. Do I look that old? Humans cannot become vampires; it’s impossible. Was that all of your questions?”
“For now but can I still travel with you?” I’d never met a real vampire before.
“I guess . . . We’ll have to stay here today. There s no time for us to make it back to my hotel. I’m sure your aunt won t mind.” He smiled as if that was supposed to scare me away.
“Why can t we leave?” I asked, unmoved.
“Duh vampire!” He pointed toward the window. It was almost sunrise. “I can t go out in the sunlight.”
“Oh yeah . . .”
“Come on. I’ll try to find us rooms that don’t contain partially decomposed bodies. I followed him up the stairs.”
I could see my grey eyes flash in the mirrored halls of my now dead aunt’s apartment. I know that this Jisatsu killed my aunt, but I can’t sense any danger coming from him. Then again that could also be yet another symptom of withdrawals. Jisatsu led me to a room and then disappeared quickly as the sun rose in the window.
“Vampires.” I shook my head.
“I heard that . . .” Jisatsu spoke from the shadows, his voice resonating, creepily between the walls in my room.
Oops . . . I put my things by my bed and fell asleep without even taking a closer look at my surroundings.

The Crystal Shard Chapter 1 Pt. 3 X3ettv
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The Crystal Shard Chapter 1 Pt. 3
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