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 The Crystal Shard 2 Chapter 1 Pt. 2

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PostSubject: The Crystal Shard 2 Chapter 1 Pt. 2   Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:19 pm

I lifted Vivian and carried her inside the hotel as Sonja drove away to charge. I was glad that she had chosen a side door because our entrance did not attract a lot of attention as I carried her up the stairs with my wrist still dripping blood. When I reached my door, I did not even bother to search for the keycard in my pockets somewhere. Instead, in my haste I snapped my fingers in hopes that none of the guests coming around the corner could see this far. I closed the door with my foot and laid Vivian on the bed. I sat on a stool next to her. I let my gaze wander around the room, not really seeing anything in my delirious mood. I was badly in need of blood and I could not heal my arm until I got some. If I was n’t healed soon I would not have any at all left in an hour.
My eyes finally cleared when Vivian entered their sight. Her face was contorted in pain and she was breathing heavily. I took her hand in mine, falling to my knees next to the bed. I moved her hair out of her face softly and after a few moments, she relaxed. In her gentle slumber, she squeezed my hand.
I knew how she was feeling right now. I was seventeen when I was turned. I was born to be made into a vampire, but that didn’t make the pain of it any less real. Although, I was forced to be awake during the entire transformation, and I wasn’t allowed to make one noise or have any company during the process at all. I was alone for the entire eighteen-hour regeneration. Moreover, there was no conceivable way that I would allow her to suffer as I did. Yet there was by no means that I could stay awake for her without taking care of myself.
I moved to the door and looked down the hallway.
Typical. There were never any people around when I needed them. The hotel would notice if one of their attendants went missing so room service was not an option either.
Or is it? My mind echoed mischievously. A thought came to me and I returned to Vivian's bedside picking up the phone. I dialed a familiar local number and listened to it ring four times before a gruff voice answered.
“Hey Des. It’s me, Jay.”
“Hiya Jay. How’ve you been? What have you been up to lately?”
“Oh this and that. I’m kind of thirsty at the moment though.” I hinted.
“I hear ya. I can spare a blonde and a red head tonight. They are the only ones not working right now. Its your choice of course.” Desmond was one of the few people who knew what I was and helped me out occasionally. He owned a thriving prostitution business in town but he always had an extra girl for me.
“You know that I don’t care. Whoever it is won’t be coming back though.”
“That’s all right. With the way you sound I expected that,” he laughed. My voice did tend to become slightly harsh at times such as this and I knew for a fact that my pupils were so large that no color could be seen in my eyes.
“Just make sure she doesn’t have any alcohol in her system. I can’t afford to be acting like a loon today.”
“I know that. Where can she find you this time?” I moved around a lot and it was rare that I would stay in the same hotel more than once.
“Send her to 1402 Main Street Room 227.” I told her, getting the address from an informational card sitting on the bedside table.
“Give her thirty minutes.”
“Thanks Desmond. I owe you one.”
“You don’t owe me nothing. Just don’t hunt my children.” That made me laugh.
“I’d never do such a thing. You know I’m a good guy.”
“Yeah. I’ve got to go. I’ve got a crisis. Some guy is petitioning at the front door because I wont give her two gals at once.” The line went dead and I turned my gaze back to Vivian. Her eyes were open and looking at me.
“Hey you should be sleeping.” I sat down on the bed, taking her hand in my own again. She pulled it away and looked at me menacingly.
“Why do you need a prostitute?” she asked jealously.
“I’m thirsty.” I said sheepishly.
“How? You just drank me dry.”
“I gave it all back, and I don’t think I took as much as I was supposed to.” I said leaning forward for a kiss. She pulled me down next to her without a thought. Before I knew it, my hands were encircling her, slimmer than I could remember, frame and moving her closer. My mouth tugging at her lustfully.
“Stop!” I said aloud. I pushed myself away from her and stood up.
“But . . . ”she tried to protest.
“No! Do you want to stir up the poison even more?” she just looked at me.
“Just wait. Just until tonight. Don’t worry; Ill be right by your side. I’m not going anywhere.” she took my hand with a smile on her face.
“But I want you now!” she said, pulling me on top of her again. I gave into the pleasure for only a few minutes, not letting her get too serious, but the moment her heart rate raised a fraction of an inch I pulled away. If it rose anymore, then it would begin to pump blood faster and therefore more painfully. I made the mistake of thinking that if I moved around during my transformation that it would calm some of the pain and maybe help me get through the night. As a result, it felt as if I was burning from the inside out.
“We have to stop now, and you have to sleep. Just because you want this now doesn’t mean you aren’t going to regret it later. And this isn’t some ploy to stay away from you, I promise. Ill be right here when you wake up. At this, I put my hand to her forehead transferring almost the last of my remaining energy to it. She opened her eyes wide as she realized what it was I was about to do. Before she could react, I sent an electric pulse into her head, effectively knocking her out for the next few hours. I felt bad about it watching her eyes close. The same way I had put her to sleep, before I set fire to her.
At that moment, there was a knock on the door.
Just in time. I opened it and made a theatrical gesture, motioning her inside. Desmond had sent the blonde; she was chewing bubble gum that made the sound of a horn when it popped. She walked in, slung her purse across the room and into a chair, pointing toward Vivian's sleeping form with her neon green nails.
“Not with her in here.” She said, popping her bubble gum, and sending a loud shockwave across the room. I was glad that I had put Vivian to sleep.
“Don’t worry, she won’t wake. I said shutting the door and turning the old-fashioned lock. I moved swiftly behind her and titled her neck upward.
“Eager aren’t you?” She asked laughing. I didn’t answer I just slid my teeth into her skin; she couldn’t even feel the pain yet she would be dead before it had time to set in. She was moaning in enjoyment. I don’t think she ever grasped that her heart beat slowed beyond saving and her blood left her now shaking frame. Removing my lips, I tossed her limp body unceremoniously against a wall across the room, making a dull thump. Quickly now that I had enough energy, I put the fingers of my other hand to the wound on my wrist, healing it effectively. I returned to Vivian, now prepared to sit through the day, watching over her.
I watched, hour after unchanging hours, as her complexion went back to its pale youthful shade, free of the blemishes that I had inadvertently given her. Her hair freed itself of its grey visitor sand went back to its boyish sheen. I listened as her heart slowed until even a doctor with the latest technological advancements couldn’t find it only I could and I held it’s sound in my mind eye. I held onto her as her mortal body shook and spasmed, throwing out its last attempts at life. Throughout the entire ordeal she did not wake but hopefully when she did she wouldn’t remember the anguish of it nor would she have the haunting after pains that lasted for countless hours.
Later after the worst of the change was complete, I rose from my position next to the still sleeping Vivian and crossed to the window. I threw open the curtains and scrutinized the setting sun, disappearing behind the skyscrapers in the distance. It threw out such meager rays of sunlight that it wasn’t enough to burn my skin or my eyes. I stood watching as the view reverted from late evening to night. Stars scintillated over the entire expanse of sky, making me realize just how long it had been since I had really looked at them.
Warm arms encircled my body from behind, and I turned looking into Vivian's grey eyes that were twinkling just as much as, if not more than, the stars. I put my hands on her upper arms, looking her over. Her hair fell down to her shoulders again, in soft shiny black locks. Her face was clear of all of the mutilations, and she was finally smiling again. Even though if I ever was to tell her how much I loved that smile, she would deny the fact that it was cute at all.
“How are you feeling?” I asked her.
“Better than I ever have.” she tried to kiss me but I pulled away still worried about her overall heath that she could easily be hiding the agonies of.
“Are you sure? You re not hurting anywhere?” I asked insistently.
“No for the last time. I’m fine.” she leaned down and this time I allowed her to pull me into a kiss. She began to kiss down my neck making me moan. My hands moved up the back of her shirt, scratching her lower back softly.
“This feels so weird,” she said quietly, “it’s like I’m not even in my own body anymore.”
“Just watch your nails.” she had been rubbing them along my sides and they were beginning to cut in. She lifted her hands up to her eyes and then brought them down swiftly along the front of my body. She tore my clothes to rivets and they fell to the floor lightly.
“Well that’s one good use for them.” I did the same to her and she pulled me close to her body. She began to kiss down my neck again pausing, as I had done the day before to her, directly below my ear.
“Can I?” she asked, her lips moving tauntingly against my already tingling skin; I could feel her smiling as she said it. I could barely stand for her not to. I nodded, now my blood could not hurt her, because she was the same. Her teeth sliced into my neck and I could feel the hot blood gushing into her mouth. She brought her still dripping lips to mine and I tasted my own blood for the second time. Vivian shoved me backwards onto the bed, pressing her lips over the wound on my neck again. I lowered myself removing her socks. I kissed the tops of her feet and slowly came up her legs. I kissed her lips and she moved against me and opened her legs. I moved inside her slowly. She was incredibly warm. Somehow I finally felt as if the missing piece in my life was filled. I wondered for a moment if we could possibly last together, but it fled my mind as her lips met mine again.
“Do you really love me?” she asked me later, lying next to me beneath the covers. I turned to her, propping myself upon my elbow, looking at her downcast eyes.
“After everything that has happened tonight, can you really still doubt my love for you?” I asked her quietly.
“ I don’t know . . . ” she shook her head slowly. I moved closer to her wrapping my arms about her waist and tilting her head toward me.
“I love you.” I said, kissing her lightly. I pulled away, looking into her eyes. I could tell that she still thought that I was somehow not telling her the truth, hiding something from her.
“I know that after everything that I’ve done to you I don’t deserve your trust and definitely not your love, but if you do still love me after all these years, you’re going to have to believe that I’m not lying to you.” I buried my face in her chest and she wrapped her arms around me. “I hope that one day, even if it takes until years from now, you will finally realize that I’m not going anywhere unless you force me. I will stay right here in your arms. I promise you that.” I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks, as I began to think.
What if she does make me leave? Maybe this was all just a plot for revenge that she had planned from the beginning. She never meant to kill me. Oh no, that would be too easy. That wouldn’t cause enough pain . . . Perhaps this was a plan from the beginning. Have me make her into a vampire and teach her what she needed to know before she just disappeared . . . again . . .
“Jisatsu? Are you all right, you’re trembling?” she pulled my face upward to her.
“Why are you crying? Don’t cry.” I think she kissed my lips but I didn’t notice until she was pulling away with a worried look in her eyes. I was too distraught; when my thoughts got the better of me like this, I couldn’t control anything that my body did.
“Tell me what’s wrong. Please? Is it because I didn’t believe you? I do. I really do just calm down.” After a moment I realized that I wasn’t breathing and just noticing that wasn’t helping me to start up again. My body began to shake as my lungs fought for air. My fists were clenched to the sheets, and my eyes were closed tightly. I felt Vivian disentangle himself from me.
I’m dying and now he’s using this opportunity to leave. Of course these thoughts only made it twice as bad.
But Vivian wasn’t leaving. I sensed her tilting my head back against the pillows and her fingers pinching my nose closed. She opened my mouth and began to breathe for me.
I could hear her sending thoughts to me unconsciously ‘Don’t die, please don’t die’ I had forgotten that particular power amongst vampires. I sent back that I wouldn’t but she was concentrating on me so much that she didn’t hear. My lungs filled and emptied slowly, in time with her breaths. My body stopped shaking and my fists relaxed. Vivian moved her mouth from mine, only after I was breathing on my own. I could feel one of her hands resting on my chest it was shaking. I opened my eyes looking at her blurred outline.
“Don’t ever scare me like that again.” She said, pulling me back into her arms. I looked up into her face, focusing. Tears of relief were falling from her eyes. Vivian never cried, not for anything and this was the second time that she had since coming around me once again. The only thing that I could figure was she really did love me or at least she was doing a really good job of faking it. She looked toward me brushing a stray hair out of my eyes.
“Okay now?” she asked. I nodded, snuggling into her chest. She held me there, close to her, hugging me.
Do you have any idea whatsoever as to how much I really love you Jisatsu?
“Yes, I do now. And I love you too all that much and more.” I answered her thought aloud. She looked surprised and after a few moments of watching her blubber cutely I told her how I heard.
“I love you too.” she said, repeating my words. And I knew then that she meant it. There was no more proof that I needed, just my mind telling me that it was true, and that was all that I needed. I was so comfortable and I wanted to go to sleep so badly, but I knew that for Vivian’s sake I would have to wait.
“Come on you have a lot to learn.” I said regrettably, sitting up.
“Can we take a shower first?” she asked sweetly.
“I guess.” I said as if I wasn’t already looking forward to it.
This would certainly wake me up.

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The Crystal Shard 2 Chapter 1 Pt. 2
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