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PostSubject: Intro   Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:59 am

A vast, seemingly eternal sprawling desert is all that greets the eyes of all who live on the planet Yuzan. Water is scarse, nearly non-existant when compared with the abundance on the more heavily populated planets throughout the universe, though the people of Yuzan had no substancial knowalege of lifeforms on other planets beyond that which was thought up by the more imaginitave members of the species. In appeance and behavior they are hardly disguineshable from the humans which populate the planet earth in this universe. They, being so similar to humans, also require great amounts of water. There are small springs and lakes scattered across the planet, around which villages and tribes formed. There was, however, one single substancial source of water for the people of Yuzan to make use of. Nearly an entire planet's poulation, though the population was extremly small, attempting to utilize a single water souce, though the source was quite sizable, eventually lead to a near endless war.

The wars started as hundreds of tribes compeating against one another; then, over the couse of hundreds of years, the hundreds of tribes became six countries, all of which maintained the same goal as allways. The countries formed their own cultures and devolepoed there own societies, the most common feild of endevor for a person to find themselves in , in spite of societal progress, was always war. Wars had been fought since the first settlement of the land around the giant lake for slightly over a thousand years. War and violence had become so common arond the area that the people had trouble thinking of a life with out it.

Finally the day came when the constant waring and battles culminated in an all out, straight forward, battle between every country. For the first time in history all the military leaders of each country decided, seemingly simultaneously, to begin a complete and total, end of everything, war with one another. The armys met on a vast battle field and fought the bigest battle the world of Yuzan had ever seen. Hours passed and the battle showed no signs of coming to an end. The commanders of each army, in again what seemed like a simultaneous, called all there troops back and retreated from the battle field. This would turn out to be the final battle the countries fought with one another and for the first time the people of the land surronding the giant lake expirenced a long and sustained peace.

Twenty years passed and the peace went undisturbed, no wars were fought and competition for water seemed to cease.

Then, in the sky, a small dot appeared.

Thank you for reading the intro, I'll propable have the first chapter up in a day or two. I hope you enjoy the story.
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