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 Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Chapter 1   Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:26 pm

Chapter 1
The warm sands caress the boy's feet as he made his way from sales shack to sales shack, glancing over the various goods put on display by each vender. He thoughtlessly tailed close behind his mother with his arms crossed behind his back as she chose which goods to purchase. His view wandered all over the place, food, clothing, decorations, and other things all passed under his glance for seconds before he would look some where else. The boy's wandering eye would come to a sudden stand-still ,however when he happened to move his gaze upward.

A small speck, one which most others over-looked, appeared in the sky. At first, all that could be seen was a miniscule black dot that could barly be noticed when put against the overwhelming blue sky and shinnig sun that surrounded it. As the dot fell further and became larger, more people began to take notice. It soon became very apparent to all on-lookers that the dot was actually a man. Not a single person in the area wasn't overcome with shock at the sight.

What was perhapse even more startiling then the sight of a man falling from such a hight with no apparent point at which he could have fallen from, was the manner in which he fell. The body wafted down slowly and was so easilly pushed by even the slightest gust of wind that it gave the impression of a feather blowing along the breeze.

Finally, after taking more then enough time to have gathered a huge crowd, the man reached the ground. His body touched down lightly on the ground and settled without further movment. Though there were many people surronding the motionless body, not a single person was willing to move even a single inch closer him then they already were.

A faint wisper rose up from the man, "help". He spoke in hoarse voice that made it clear that he was using all of his energy to mutter even that simple word. His appearence wasn't much diffrent from the people around him. His long black hair covered most of his face and his body was so drastically emaciated that he apeared as a skeleton with skin draped over it. Aside from these things the only thing that seperated him from everyone else where his extremely brightly coloered cloths. He wore bright orange pants with a bright red rope tighed around his waist. On the upper half of his body was a dark blue vest. The people there were not accustomed to seeing people dressed so decoratively.

One of the men in the crowd gathered the strenght to subdue his fear and approached the person from the sky. The man was well known and very much feared in the area. His name was Riguel and his robust build and stern expression gave a fairly accurate explaination of why others feared him. He cautiously approached and crouched down next to the man. Riguel gently touched and prodded the body, unsure of what action to take. He lifted the body from the ground and was shocked to find that was fairly heavy, at least more so then the body build or the lofty trip it made to the ground would suggest.

Riguel brought the man home, much to the dismey of his wife children, even Riguel himself was unsure of what motivated his actions but belived that at this stage it was to late to turn away aid which he had already given out. It wasn't long before the man who fell from the sky became a regular topic of discussion for the villagers. The nature in which the man desended from above earned him the name "Feather-man".

The Feather-man woke in the middle of the night. He didn't seem very surprised by his new surrondings. He was placed on a makeshift bed of straw and sheets in a shed a little bit away from Riguel's home. Riguel stayed with the Feather-man and had perodically forced water down his throat. Riguel regretted having helped the man but felt he was obligated to continue what he had started. He told his family that he would stay and watch over the man and that if he felt he was not a threat he would allow him in the house if it was needed.

Riguel kept steady watch for two days before felt the Feather-man could be trusted. The Feather-man was soft spoken and extremly well mannered and polite. He generally didn't speak unless spoken to and quickly found him self in the role of quiet observrer. He watched in utter silence as Riguel and his family interacted with one another.

Riguel's wife was named Shakan. She was frequently found in a happy mode thought she was prone to extreme outburst of rage. She was not the most beautiful women in the world but the affection that Riguel showed her was undoubtable. There were two daughters in the home. The Feather-man never gained much of an interest in them. They did chores and bickered with one another but didn't do much else. Then, finally, there was Riguel's 15 year-old son, Korun. He took an extreme interest in the observing the boy, though he never intruded on his or any other members of the family's personal space.

He watched Korun with amusment. One day he and one of his sisters bought the feather-man's supper to him. The boy accidently dropped the diner on the floor. His sister began berating him as the man quietly watched with his focus on the boy's eyes. He saw many things in the boy as he wathced him from day to day; fear, intimadation, lack of self-confidence, but the thing that caught the Feather-man's intrest the most was the frequent look of lust that he saw in the boy's eyes. Specifically, lust directed tword his eldest siter. The boy watched her intently when every she entered the room, though he did try to seem as if he weren't, it was blatantly obvious.

Korun's lust didn't go unnoticed by his father either, who, without every directly addressing the proplem, would try his best to keep the two seperated. Riguel himself was an exceedingly serious man. His body was riddled with scars from his involvement in the wars when he was younger. Beyond this however, the Feather-man, could not get much from his personality.

Six days passed since the man fell from the sky and little else had happened afterwards. The Feather-man didn't move much except for the purpose of geting water or food. On this day however he quickly jumped to his feet and rushed out the door with a huge smile on his face. He gazed up up into the bright sky. The family, shocked by this sudden burst of energy, quckly followed. In the sky there appeared a dot, and another, and another, dozens of dot appeared simultaneously. A countless number of them littered the sky. The Feather-man looked back at the family and with a level of excitement that had not previously been heard from him; he spoke, "Finally"!

He turned and with inhuman speed, ripped the head from the shoulders of Shakan. Riguel attacked the man from the sky with an unprecedented display of emotion. The Feather-man made short work of the man by ripping through his his lungs with the palm of his hand. The man from the sky looked back at the children with excitement exploding from his eyes. An idea dug itself into his mind as he looked at the kids. He quickly killed the youngest girl and grabed the oldest girl by the throat.

He striped the girl of her cloths, all the while keeping his eyes on Korun's eyes. The Feather-man rejocied at the sight. Even in this situaton the boy still had lust exuding from his gaze. He walked over to the boy with the now naked girl squirming under his grip. The feather-man wanted so much to take this further but as he looked up in the sky he realised he didn't have the time. He threw the girl on top of the boy. He raised his foot above them and stomped down on them both. He felt bones shatter under his foot blood poured from both of the children's mouths and, with another stomp, they both stoped moving and quickly faded away.

The Feather-man ran away from the corpses made his way tword the other descending specks.
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Chapter 1
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