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 Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:29 am

Chapter 2

They appeared in the sky from no conceivable point of origin and rained down onto the ground of the country of Bushorn. The Sky-men, the harvengers of hell, showed not even the slightest bit of emotion on their campaign of annihlation. People where ripped through as if they were mear peices of paper. Blood stained every inch of Bushorn's sand and in nine days the entire country was reduced to nothing but rubble and mounds of torn flesh that had formally been the bodies of inhabitants. The survivors of this slaughter were forced to evacuate into the neighboring country of Plithic. The president of Plithic was even so kind as to allow The leader of The Buchorns to maintaine power over his people. They were allowed to stay on unusable land that belonged to Plithic, it was not the greatest of living situations but the survivors were more then happy to except the offer. There were few left, the Country of Bushorn once held a population of seven-hundred thousand, the number of survivors was one-hundred and twenty-three.

It wasn't long before the leaders of the other nations caught word of the massacre. The remaining five countries acted promptlly and organized a meeting between the leaders of each nation, the former leader of Bushorn was included. The meeting was organized with ridiculous speed and efficiency, only taking one day to gather all six men in one area.
On Yuzan the concepts of a countries military leader and political leader were indisguishable. The meeting room was simple, a small room with a round table, nothing else. The six leaders were all old men who have fought in battle their entire lifes and as they aged were given controll based on there outstanding ability in war. Each man entered the room followed by ten or so of their own personal soilders. The first to arrive was The leader of Gontan, the country in which the meeting was being held. He stood at a feable four-foot eight and was now in his late seventies. Though his days of first-hand combat were far behind him, his mentel abilities have not dulled in the slightest. His name was Jorshun. Next, Telkelly of Bushorn and Spekige of Plithic arrived together. The look of shame was unmistakable in the face of Telkelly, he knew he was there for nothing more then information, he had no army anymore, he had nothing else to offer anyone. In spite of this however he he strood into the room and behaved wtih the utmost level of dignity. Spekige had with him his common dazed and confused expression with him as he entered on the heels of Telkelly. He took a deep breath, sat down, fixed his stare to the wooden table, and that was his last action untill the others arrived. The other three arrived only a few minutes apart form eachother, Plo of Shi-kan, Excert of Roch, and finally Spinal of Tap.

Telkelly was the first to speak. He stood before the stern faces of all his former enemies and spoke in a voice that held far more confidence then his eyes showed. "I suppose it is my duty to speak of my experiences with the enemy thus far, but if you will allow me first to exchange a few simple pleasantries. I would first like to expesse my extreme gratitude to President Spekige for allowing my people to take shelter in your borders. I would also like to point out that I have no hard feelings tword President Spinal for denying me entry into his country, though I can not hide my regret at the number of Bushorns who died as a result of this action, I also cant say in honesty that I myself would not have taken the same course of action." Telkelly finnished this statment and took a breath as he steped away from the table.He was a tall, skinny man with very little muscle tone. His dark blue eyes never did very well at the task of hiding his emotions but it didn't matter, his actions were never those of a man driven by his emotions. "Now, to business. I can give you very little information on the Sky-men. I'm affraid that most of those who had incountered were immediately killed and those who escaped where not able to get much due to the fact that they didn't stay with them for to long. I can say that they are extremly strong and fast. They, from all accounts, are unarmed. I estimate their forces to be no more then a few hundred strong, though this may seem small, it is based on testimony and the fact that it was usually one to four of them distroying a village at a time."

"Do you know what their diet consists of?"Plo inquired.

"What do you mean?" Telkelly asked back

"Do you know if they drink water is perhapse a better way to ask the question. Do You?" Plo answered.

"I have no Idea, why would this be important?"

Some of the other men there were asking themselves the same question, Though there were also some who picked up on Plo's thought process.

"They now have control of land which boarders the soul water supply for all of the major nations, if I'm not mistaken the Sky-men fell to the ground with nothing else but clothing. If they do not require water then there is the possablity that they might get the idea to contaminate the water supply some how. If they do drink then it is somewhat less likely." Plo Explained.

Plo was the youngest of the men at the meeting, being only forty-six years old, but his tactical mind was second to none. He had been given control over Shi-kan at the age of seventeen, the youngest leader to ever be elected in the history of Yuzan. His hair was dark brown with patches of grey speckeled about. He wore an entirely red suit with black boot covering most of his leg below his knees. He was the only man there who had a weapon straped to his side. A short, thin, double-bladed sword adorned his hip.

Spinal now stood up and adressed the group, "Is that all you have to tell us ?" he asked of Telkelly.

"Yes, sadly so."

"Very well" said Spinal 'then it is urgent that we choose an immediate course of action. Given the situation I believe an attack of all our combined forces would be the best couse of action. The enemy is few in number. "

"They may be few" interrupted Jorshun, "but their power is undeniable and, for the most part, we no nothing about them, we would be fighting blind. Fortifying a defensive line on the boarder of Tap and Plithic would be best."

"Doing that would only result in another country being destroyed." Replied Spinal. "They have already proven they have more then enough power to destroy one country effortlessly. It would be foolish to split our forces along two boarders rather then use all the force at our disposal to surrond them."

"We wouldn't learn any more about them by them attacking us then we would by us attacking them. If we could capture or kill a single one of them we can learn much more then we could through a simple "battle for survival", which is the most likely result of an defensive stratagy." Said Plo in support of Spinal.

"We don't know if the group we will be attacking is the entireity of the enemy fighting force. It's best not to devote all our troops to one area when there is the possability that more Sky-men might fall."

The argument went back forth for quiet some time before the men decided to hold a vote. The out come was four to two in favor of boarder defence. Spinel and Plo agreed to abide by the diccision. The leaders of each nation exited and got on to their various modes of transportation. Spekige and Telkelly by far had the most striking transportation. A giant turtle, nearly forthy feet in height, awaited the two leaders. A small room sat at the top of the shell which held the two men as well as their seventeen accompanying soilders. Spekige leaped with his huge body on top of the turtle, his strenght was well known to be without equel. Every other man had to take much more time to reach the top.

As the turtle left, the other men couldn't help but stare in amazment, none of them have ever seen a creatue of the sort. Plo broke into a fit of laughter as the beast turned away. The rest of the men left and with that the first ever meeting of all the leaders of every country on Yuzan was concluded.

In Bushorn the destruction was complete. The creature that was once known as the Feather-man stood on the rubble of the home that he stayed in before his allies arrived. Five other creatures from the sky stood in the area.

"One is missing." said the feather-man.

"what is?" asked one of the other creatures fro the sky.

"When I came down a family took me in. There were five of them., There are only five corpses here; the son is missing"

"Khal, don't worry about it. He would have been caught by someone else if he survived and if he did leave the country it dosn't matter because we are going to get rid of the rest as well soon anyway." Replied his companion.

And with that the Sky-men moved on.


I think I did a better job on chapter two then I did on one. Not sure why, I guess cause I had more fun writing it.
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Chapter 2
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