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 Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Chapter 3   Sun Jul 19, 2009 2:38 am

Chapter 3

Plo rocked back and forth on top of his horse while his twelve accompanying soilders followed close behind. His mind was plagued by the results of the meeting. He had fought each of the men who attended in vicious battle for years before the final battle twenty years ago. He understood why men such as Jorshun or Telkelly would vote in favor of defence but Spekige and Exert? They were hardly timid or exceedingly cautious people, he would never have expected them to shy away from attacking an enemy such as this.

Plo's train of thought was interupted as one of his companions yelled from behind him. "Sir! There is someone on the ground!" The man pointed off to the left and in the distance a small visage of a man appeared spread out on the ground. Plo changed direction and approched the figure lazily. He didn't seem to care much about the person and was merely checking to satisfy a curiosity. As he got closer he could see that it was a young man lying on his stomic, half burried in the sand. Blood trickled from his mouth. His eyes were open, he was conscious. He stared up at Plo, Plo immediately orded his men to look over the boy. As he watched his men look over stranger he was suddenly came to a realization. A feeling of overwhelming stupidity afflicted his mind. There has not been a war in twenty years, not a single active soilder in any of the countries had any first-hand expirence in war. How did he overlook this fact? None of the country's leaders had ever had the expience of working with a completly novice group of worriors. "Is this what Spekige and Exert were thinking?" Plo thought to himself urgently. He grined at his own stupidity.

The boy had no visable wounds so it was clear that the damage was only internal. "What should we do with him sir?" asked one of the soldiers.

"Lets take him with us. There is the possability that he was attacked by the Sky-men, they shouldn't be in this Shi-kan. If he was attacked by them and he is a resident of this country then that would mean they have already made their way here and possable to the other countries. If he is a survivor Bushorn then he may be able to provide us some information on the things."

"What if he was not attacked by the creatures? Wouldn't that be the mostly likely scenario?"

"Yes, that is probably the case and if it is then every man here can forever take pride in the fact that they saved the life of a perfect stranger." He spoke with a sarcastic smile crossing his face. His men had become very accustomed to their leader smiling in allmost every situation he finds himself.

The men loaded the boy on to the backs of one of the horses while one of the kinder soilders gave up his ride and walked along side, making sure he didn't fall off.

The Sky-men had not been very well organized during the assult on Bushorn but soon afterward gathered into one single area. Hundreds of them gathered. The stood on what had formerly been a town but now stood only as a monument to destruction. There only commen chareteristic were the bright cloths that they all wore. At the center of the crowd stood a small sickly looking old man. He wore a brown robe cowl, seperating himself from everyone else there.

"The destruction of Bushorn has been completed, and thoroughly so, if I might concragulate the lot of you but there is still much left to be accomplished. There are five countries such as his one remaining and all of them are no doubt better prepared for an attack on our part then this one was. The oppenents we fought on this land were shocked to see men such as us. With our arrival they all witnessed an event which they never dreamed of seeing in reality but the rest of them have no doubt had enough time to seperate themselves from their feelings of amazment and have taken on the task of self-preservation. This shall make our next conquest more difficult but far from troubling. Remeber, we are dealing with a very weak race, there destruction is eminent. I can not know myself if they plan to attack us directly or wait for us to attack them while they spring some sort of futile trap in attempt to defend themselves, but in either case I can not immagine it mattering much."

The old man spoke in a cracking force, his words had no inherent power to them but each of the Sky-men did not remove their eyes from him fror even a second while he was speaking.

"As you all already know, the point on this planet of the highest population density is in the land surronding the giant lake. This is why our attack starts here. The area is broken into six countries once we destroy the rest the planet is finished."

"Are there people on other points of the planet?" One of the Sky-men yelled out earning him an immediate bevy of hateful stares from his commrades for interrupting the old man.

" Yes there are quiet a few villages and tribes and things of the nature scattered around the planet but none of these places have the Weapons, organized fighting forces, or sheer man power that the six nations hold, they are nothing that any five or six of you couldn't handle. We shall lay waste to the land surroundng the lake and take the rest afterwards."

The six nations of Yuazan were all lined up around the giant lake. This made it easy for each country to qickly gain access to water, but during the thousand years of war, made it difficult for each country to defend themselves, as they all had enemies on both sides of them. Bushorn boardered Plithic, Plithic boadered Gontan, Gontan boarderd Shi-kan, Shi-kan boarded Roch, Roch boarded Spinal, and Spinal boarderd Bushorn. The countries all formed a ring around the lake.

"We are now a mere hundred and seventy men strong and yet we brought down an entire nation. Imagine our strenght when the rest of our men arrive. We can not lose! I would be shocked if we ended up loosing even a single man on this planet. Let none of you forget that we are messanges for the universe itself we are existance itself! We can be stoped by nothing!"

These were his final words to the group and so they dispersed. The old man called out to one of them to come to him. Khal, the first of the men to fall from the sky, approched him.

"You fell a bit earlier then the rest of us, did you not?"

"Yes. I did."

"Why is this?"

"It was a mistake on my part, a foolish one which I am ashamed of. I simply became over excited."

" I see."

The old man raised his left pinky and with the motion, a hole appeard in the chest of the Feather-man. Khal began to vomit up the parts of his body that had just diappeared, he fell to the ground, writhing in agony. The rest of his commrades left and the old man, feeling generous, allowed him to escape with only this as his punishment.
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Chapter 3
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