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 Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Chapter 4   Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:47 pm

Chapter 4
His eyes broke open. At first he could only comprehend a blinding light and a hoard of blured images spining around in his head. Slowly, his vision returned and soon after, his mind had just begun to comprehend its surroundings. A thin mat seperated him from the floor and was far from being the most comfortable thing to wake up on. He was in a small room, a man sat asleep in a chair just a few feet from him. He tried to move but found the action far to painful to continue. His memories began to leak slowly back into his consciousness. His family was killed, he was killed, and yet he ran. Where was he. He began to panic and screamed out to the man in the chair. The man quickly jumped to his feet, immediately followed by five men entering the room upon the noise, one of whom was Plo.

The boy was overcome with fear. He laid on the ground, barely able to move, and stared up into the faces of a group of men whom he had never met before. "Wh...where am I?"

He asked of the men, his voice trembeling uncontrollably.
Plo looked down at the boy with a small smirk running across his lips. "You are in an abondoned building, we are trying to help you. We are heading to the capital."

The boy looked no more at ease then he had before. "Who are you?'"
"My name is Plo."

The boy was shocked. "Plo! The leader of the country of Shi-kan!"

"Yes that is correct. I'm guessing from your reaction that you are not from this country. Are you from Bushorn?"

"Y-yes. Why am I here?!"

"We found you on the ground half-dead. If you came from Bushorn then that means you either walked completly through Spinal to get here or completly around it. Either way, it is an amazing feat of strenght on regular circumstances, but with wounds such as those, it is truly unbelivable. I'm assuming of course that you aquired your injury in Bushorn, during the Sky-men invasion. Am I correct?"

"Sky-men?" The look of doubt and fear became more prevelant as the spoke. "What the fuck are you talking about?!" His voice squeaked as he talked. He began sweating profusely and rapidly alternating his gaze from one of them to the other.

"Calm down!" Plo screamed. "We need information from you! Were you attacked by one of the people who fell from the sky?"
"The Feather-man?"

"Yes. You were?" Plo quckly linked the Sky-men and the Feather man together.

"Yes." Tears began to fall down the boys face. "He killed my family. He killed me!"

"Your obviously not dead. We can help you get revenge, if you so desire that is."


"Yes.You need to tell us some things though. First, can you tell us if the feather-man ever drank any water?"

"Water? Umm.. Yes I think he drank water, when ever we gave it to him, there were some occasions were he would he would activly get the water himself."

"Gave him? You gave him water?"

"Yes. He stayed with us for a some time. Then a bunch of dots appeared in the sky and he went mad."

Plo was slightly excited to hear this news. "He stayed with you?! Then you must have a great deal of information on him. Tell us everything, no matter how unimportant it might seem, say it! "
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Chapter 4
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