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 Chapter 5

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PostSubject: Chapter 5   Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:29 pm

Chapter 5

The sun rose slowly into the sky, casting its light over the land of Plithic and allowing the members of that nation to see with fearful eyes the on-coming group of attackers. There visage first appeared miles away before the sun went down and they were now minutes away. A singnal flare was shot off into the sky to alert the soilders currently located in Spinal of which country the Sky-men had chosen to attack as soon as they became visable the night before. As the sky-men crossed into the boarder of Plithic they were instantly greeted by a vast empitness. Having lost the element of surprise, The sky-men could no longer attack masses of unsuspecting people. The collaboration of all six countries led to the evacuation of the non-soilder citizens in both Plithic and Spinal.

" What is this?!" Yelled one of the Sky-men.
The old man who led the small army of monsters spoke from the back of the group.

" Charge Forward! There is most likly a trap waiting in this country do not allow it to cunfuse you." With his word the men charged forward completly disregarding any risk of a trap.

*Earlier that that day*

" I call it the Zipper formation. I just came up with it right now." Spekige spoke in his bizzare and often stupid sounding deep voice.

" And this new stratagy is what exactly?" Asked Tellkelly

" Well, we have all the people under our command split along the north and south boarders and then when the enemy charges in and reaches the center of the country we have the people close in from each side. Have the east and west end close in first and then start to close on each end tword the center. If we do that they will be completly surounded and packed in to a small area. Good Idea, Right?" Spekige spoke in a stupid mannor but his plan, Tellkelly thought, was quite good.

" Then I suppose I will volunter my leadership to the soilders that will be strached along the south boarder, the one along the great lake." Said Tellkelly, in apparent agreement with Spekige's plan.

" Okay. I'll take the other group then." Spekige said


I know it is an extremly short chapter but its better then nothing. My god this site is dead. Its very depressing
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Chapter 5
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