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 Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Chapter 6   Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:08 pm

Chapter 6

The boy recounted to the best of his abilities the events that took place when his family had taken the Feather-man in their home. As Plo listened he struggled to sift through for information which would be useful but found it to be a vain effort as for most of the account the thing was silent and did not move alot either. When Korun came tword the end of the story, of the Sky-man's striping of his sister and the taunting of the boy, Plo suddenly smiled. It appeared like an insult to which Korun immediately responded.

" Do you find this funny?!"

He jumped to his feet and was quickly brought back down by the pain that shot through him as a result of his injuries. Plo understood why the youth had taken offence and immediately tried to explain himself.

" Your story has finnaly given me a bit of potentially useful information. " Plo said hoping to calm the boy. " The thing went out of his way to tourture you this may indicate a Habit for sadism on the part of the Sky-men. It may only aply to this one individual but it could possible be a more commen charerteristic among the things. "

Korun knew in his head that the explaination made a certain degree of sence but had trouble quelling his anger anyway. He gave up on the idea of an assult on the ruler when the pain hit him. He laid back down on the mat breathing and sweating heavily. His head spun in circles when he closed his eyes. He was hungry and sick to his stomic at the same time. His mind wanted food but his body, he thought, could not handle it. After a little more talking he told Plo and everyother person in the room to leave him. Plo told the boy to throw a rock at the door if he needed anything. He slept for hours more and when he woke again he was surrounded by darkness. He sat up and thought about everything that was happening. He was frightened before but now his mind was a little more clear.

He lived is whole life in a constent stream of monotony, a stream which he hed grown to enjoy. Now he found himself in a situation in which the second could not be predicted. He imagined the feather-man in his mind and was soon filled with blind rage. He also found himself overcome with paralyzing fear. He couldn't help but turn some of the rage on himself. He asked him self " If I see this creature again, will I be able to react? " He imagined himself quivering in fear at the sight of the thing. He imagined himself attacking the thing with shaking legs and being killed in an instant. He imagined himself being ripped apart by it. He hated his weakness. A rage which he had never experienced before overcame him. Korun forced himself to his feet, for the moment ignoring the pain which took his breath away, and made his way tword the door leaving the room.

He entered a room of sleeping men. As he looked around in the darkness he saw men sprawled all over the room sleeping on the same type of mat he had been on. A dim light came from the next room over. Korun limbed over tword it, in pain with every step. As he walked through the doorway he saw Plo sitting by a small flame contained in a ring of large spaced-out stones. He stared at the flames listlessly and rubbed a bit of fabric between his left thumb and index finger. Plo looked back as the made his way into the room.

" So, you can walk. Great! Would you like to have a seat? "

Korun sat next to the man and looked down into the flames. He shuddered from the pain but soon calmed himself with the thought running through his head " Stop being a pussy! "

" Would you like some food? " Plo asked holding up a small can of meat. " It taste like shit though. "

Korun took the can and ate without a word untill he had finished. " Why are you still awake? "

" I cant sleep very well. No matter how tired I am, I cant sleep, Sometimes for weeks a time, Its a very anoying thing to live with. " Plo answerd.

Korun listened but did not have anything to say back.
" Your family was killed. Heh, thats pretty bad. When I was your age I didn't have a family either. "

Korun was unsure of what to say in responce.

" What happend to you? " He asked. He immediately regretted having asked in such a blunt way.

" My father died in war and my mom was totally fucking insane. She kidnapped another womens child and ate half of her arm, the girl died soon afterward. The village got together and beat my mother to death with sticks and rocks. That left me, at the age of eleven, and my three month old sister on our own. I tried as best I could to take care of her on my own but I didn't know anything about taking care of kids so it was all for nothing. She eventually died after getting sick. I lived on the streets as a little con-man before I joined the Shi-kan army when I was sixteen. "

Korun was shocked to here such a story told in such a nonchalant manor.

" Why are you telling me this? "

" I thought it might be helpful. "

Korun thought for a moment. His mind quickly jumped back to his family.

" The Feather-man was amazing. He ripped through my father like it was nothing. My father was not a weak man. I saw my father fight many times, he never once had to throw more then a few blows to win. Every person in the village knew not to provoke Riguel, but even so...he was nothing compared to that sickly looking man. "

" Riguel?! Your father is Riguel. My that is quiet amazing. He was a very famous soilder back during the wars. " said Plo

" I know. I dont know alot about it but I do know that he was pretty important. "

"Yes. I had an expirence with him myself. It was only a year or so before the wars ended. Bushorn and Shi-kan were fighting in Spinal. By that time Roch was on the verge of crumbling so we had no trouble going right through. Bushorn had already been in Spinal by the time we got there.

"Through the crowd of soilders one man stood out fro the rest he cut down other men as if they did not even pose the slightest threat to him. It was your father. I saw him and orderd one of my men to fire a canon on him. The shot hit him in the back and he was hurled to the ground. Some of the men around him were also blown to pieces. As the smoke cleared I saw him rise from the ground, covered in his own and others blood. He was falted for just a second before he rshed back into battle.

"There is only one man I have seen in my life who I would call stronger then your father. And you say he was ripped apart like nothing. Thats a very horrifing thing to hear. "

Korun felt a great sence of pride opon hearing the story. Why was he nothing like his father. Why was he so weak. He hated it.

" Who is the man who was stronger then my father? " Korun asked trying not to display his own anger at himself.

" The king of Plithic, Spekige."
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Chapter 6
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