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Son Gohan

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PostSubject: Ketsudai   Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:45 am

chapter0: Prologue
Setting: Japan. Ruin. Not much building. Only flower field and grassland with some lake and fountain. Fictional 22 century.

17 year ago, a meteor shower rain down on Earth's 7 ocean causing Tsunami and volcano eruption all over the world.
Wiping out 10% of human population. The meteors however carry element and cell from outer space.
event cause a accelerate evolution among the human race allowing them
to achieve a body that appearance remain the same but with new

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

Gender : Male
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PostSubject: Re: Ketsudai   Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:46 am

Chapter 1: let us all keep saying "see you again" rather than goodbye

fire is burning inside a cave silently. Nothing is seen in the
illuminated room except for a writing near the yellow flame. What is
written is "the blood era is here". And the flame went out.

A girl is walking across the wasteland, covering her face with a big hat, going againist the eastern wind.

Girl:that is quite a wind. Almost resemble those seen at the desert

then, a sandstorm is heading toward her. This naturally cause her to panic and start to frantic and running away in circle.

Girl yelling in a rather comedic fashion: Why the sandstorm is still heading toward me?

this life and death situation, a man in dark coat seemly teleport out
of the air, landing in front of the girl. This action last like 3
minutes, when in reality the time just pass for a few seconds.

the Girl returning back to the reality, yelled out to the mysterious man: Run away, this is danger

man lift up his index finger and touch the sandstorm, which now is only
a meter away from the duo, and an unexpected event happen in front of
the girl's eye. The sandstorm cease.

Girl stunned: You are an ability user.

the man seem to be untethered by her words, but this action convey a lot of words to the girl. The man began to walk off but...

Girl: My name is Mikagami Rushuna. what is your name.

man in coat did not reply and walk off. But drop a piece of paper.
Rushuna picked it up and plan to return it, but the man back is nowhere
to be seen.

Rushuna took a peek at the note and realize it is
meant for girl: Ketsudai. that is your name huh. Let meet again.
properly under this red era.

At this time, Rushuna steps on a quicksand. And get out with the help of a dark hair teen.

Rushuna catching her breath: thank you

Dark hair teen smirk: hey, do you like bananas.

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

Gender : Male
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PostSubject: Re: Ketsudai   Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:46 am

Chapter 2: it is dangerous to litter around

Rushuna stood there
in confusion, taken surprise by both the mysterious teen and by his
weird question. But what really froze her is the strange ominous
feeling emitting from the teen.

“What is this feeling? It
feels like it is sucking my existence away…..am I still alive or am I
dead.” Rushuna thoughts keep running wild, unable to keep herself

“Hello, are you still here, missy” The teen close up
the gap between the two and stare at Rushuna’s eye. This action causes
a response from Rushuna and the sound of a slap echo through the land,

“That so harsh” the teen say in a playful manner, “but it is not good to anger me”

And a bunch of guys came down and surround Rushuna instantly.

“Those soldiers with him…, are the soldier from the poker army. Then, he is”

“That right, I am one of the 56 commanders of the poker army. Four of spade, that the rank given to me by this world god”

“So this is a commander, the feeling I getting from him is the ultimate prove. But”

The teen is seen chomping down banana one after another

can he eat those bananas one after another like a delicacy….no even
more why is he eating the bananas like he is doing a B******. He is a
man, right.”

Then, the commander gave his order, lifting up his right hand and pointed at Rushuna

“Oi, do you wanna be my girl”

sentence came out from the teen mouth, as another breeze blew through
the land again, is so common used in drama and anime that it triggers
off Rushuna’s memory of the old world. But she reply nevertheless

“No” she replies with dignity

cannot be help. I command you all as the four of spade, Shaun
Fulatisma, to kill that girl in the name of our emperor, to purify the
world.” The teen command as he reveals his name to Rushuna as he began
to take his leave after he had given his command

Rushuna quickly
take a stance and grab something hidden in her coat. But then a man
wearing a dark coat seemly appears out of thin air. Even without seeing
that man’s face, she knew who it is at once. For she seen this action,
merely a few minutes ago.
Shaun looks back when he heard a sudden
rustle among his man. Such action is rarely seen as discipline uphold
well in the army. Violating the rules is unacceptable and the
punishment is severe. And he smirks to himself.

“Here is one interesting guest we have”

see, while they might not know who Ketsudai was, he is the reason why a
commotion is cause. But rather the symbol that is revealed when he jerk
off his coat.

A white tree that reach out toward the sky and
penetrate the cloud. This is obviously a symbol of the resistance who
give the empire their hardest when the current emperor just ascends the
throne. The symbol of the White forest, Shiromori

The soldier
charge. Be it the man is a renowned member of the resistance or not, it
does matter. Anyone associated with the Shiromori will be wanted dead
by the empire. And here lies one of the big preys, the soldiers are
eager to kill the man. To claim their reward and receive a promotion.

sadly, the power levels are too far. Even though the odd is against
him, ketsudai easily take down most of the soldier swiftly as his slice
their body apart, sending the blood flying across the land as well as
having some them tainting his black shirt, previously hidden by his
coat. But there is one last soldier; he manages to hide at one of
Ketsudai blind spot.

Not letting the chance go away, he leap
toward him. But he tripped over one of the bananas skin left behind by
his commander and had his head stab into his prey’s blade.

aren’t you” Shaun stepped into the battlefield after all the soldier
had been killed, walking over the pile of lifeless body

“Yeah. Thank for your assistance” Ketsudai sheath his blade as he close up the distance to his opponent to a few inches.

welcome. Beside, I will not let that man live if he ever gets you
anyway. I will receive the promotion.” Shaun replies as he crushes one
of the soldier head with his legs.

“A commander already and
still wishes for promotion. Is there a rank among you guys that I don’t
know of” the member of the resistance asked, as he sends a spark toward
his enemy’s eyes.

“Who know? Maybe yes maybe no. I had no idea”
the commander reply as he took a stance preparing for a death match
“Guess I will find it out, with your death”

Silence last for a
moment. And the two man charge toward each other as the battle began.
Whoever wins shall live, and the one to lose shall die. Who will draw
the first blood in the battle between the resistance and the empire?

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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Son Gohan

Gender : Male
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Posts : 144
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PostSubject: Re: Ketsudai   Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:13 am

Chapter 3: The reason why people don't like changes, is because of their love for their past and present

battle begin with a clash of blows between the fighters' katana. The
two fighters quickly push against their opponent trying to establish a
stronghold over another. Another few more blows, the two leap
backward to keep a distance them. And move into their battle stance
again. After a few more eyes exchange, Ketsudai swing his sword down
aiming to slice apart Shaun body from his clavicle, more commonly known
as the collar bone. This action force a respond from Shaun knowing that
if he don't block this attack, he will undoubtedly die.

He raise
his blade to block to the attack but in his position, the strength of
the attack, gain from the momentum, overwhelm his block forcing the
commander, to use his left hand to give support to his block by pushing
against the back of his sword. While this move prevent him from dying,
it is not without a price. It leave an opening in his abdomen. Ketsudai
did not let this chance slip away and threw in a upset punch dealing
quite a fair bit of damage.

Shaun groan in pain but this does
not stop Ketsudai from attacking. He continues now by thrusting his
sword through his opponent 's torso finishing his attack with a kick to
the temple of the commander.
This sent Shaun flying toward a rock
and crush against a boulder. The commander is now coughing out blood
now with his opponent standing there relatively unharmed.

will not fall like that, I not so weak to be defeated by you so easily”
Shaun begin to make threat, yelling across the land to ensure Ketsudai
can heard it, like a beast which is nothing more than an empty threat
to the resistance's member who is making his way toward the empire's
member, dragging his katana along the way.

“taste the fruit of
my labour” Shaun scream in rage and charge an energy in within his
fist, now cracking with electricity, pouring in every ounce of energy
he had in his body.

Ketsudai sensing what is going to follow pick up his pace and creating a loud noise from the kinetic friction.

is too late to regret now, take this, Hofukuookami” the four of spade
roar as he fires his full charge up attack. A lightning

make three mistakes. One, who is afraid.” Ketsudai jump straight up
dodging the attack but not without stabbing the electricity attack with
his katana. Now, several feet in the air, he threw his katana toward
Shaun. It is a hit and the katana stab into the dark hair teen's thigh.

The burning sensation, heated up by the friction and electricity, course through his blood stream.

he scream in agony and nearly pass out, if not for his pride of not
wanting to faint in front of his enemy. It is an overwhelming victory
to his red eye opponent.

“Second, to think you use that attack
as a last resort is damn stupid. Why did you not use it earlier to
create an opening or something. You do not have much battle experience
I guess.” Ketsudai is now standing in front of Shaun and is looking
down on him.

“Those eye I know them, the eye that say the
result is expected.....like that man” the thought of it stir up several
feeling mostly hatred as seen in the commander's eyes.
“Kill me” he spoke

is a request, to uphold his pride much as he did not want it. It can be
seen in his tone, that he had something that have yet to be accomplish
but he remains silent. He will not bow down and ask for mercy. A
honorable death on the battlefield losing to someone stronger than him.
That is his ideal death.

Ketsudai begin to pull out his sword
from Shaun's thigh, raising it higher than his wrist as blood drips
down from the tips of it.

he close his eyes, preparing for the blow

“With this I will die”

or that is what he thoughts till he heard the sound of a katana sheathing.

“ Thirdly, I shall not kill you”

his tone made it evident that he is angry. He felt humiliated. He had
gave in his all, and he expects death. Yet he is spare of it, out of
mercy. It hurt him. The emotional pain now is far greater than his
physical pain from the battle.

“don't worry. It is not out of
mercy. I need you to convey a message from our leader to your emperor.
Tell him, the ceasefire have ended. The same as our alliance from three
years ago. But I guess that beside the point since he had re post our
wanted poster. The war shall begin again from 2 weeks from now.”

will convey it. But tell me first, why do you want to over throne us.
It make no sense. No matter how much I think of it, the current world
is so much better than the past. the people of the past always think of
themselves as the greatest lifeforms. The keep on destroying the
environment and even when they know about it, they still go on. Such
behaviour do you think it should be change."

"I do not care such thing. What we of the forest wish for is just to claim back our land and history. Our pride."

teen keep quiet. While he is against the idea of starting a war over
something trival like land or history, he know that claiming back the
pride will make it worthwhile.

The sword now sheath and the red eye man pick up his coat left on the ground and don it again. Rushuna then run after him.

“What up”

“I want to join the Shiromori. I wish to take part in the upcoming war"

Then, without replying, he grabbed the girl's wrist and the two disappear into thin air.

Shaun look down and the ground and grabbed a handful of the sand. While
he had calm down, he still angry over humiliation from his battle ago.
And he swore

“You shall regret it for sparing my life. One
day, I will be the one to the deal the final blow to destroy the
Shiromori. Not Kaiten nor anyone else. It will be me. I swore on my

Chapter 3 is done. the update is still slow I see.
Hopefully I will finish all the way till chapter 10 by school reopen.
And here the first battle scene. I must say I bad at it. guess more
work to be done.

all life is born and dead in a instant when you compare to lifetime of the universe.
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