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 Chapter 7

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PostSubject: Chapter 7   Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:38 pm

Chapter 7

The sun had just started to rise into sky and break away at the darkness when the soldiers of Shi-kan started again on their journey home. They were the only group who had yet to return home from the meeting. The reason for this is Plo's decision to not cross the boarder that seperated Shi-kan form Gontan but rather to go completly around every country to get home. The boarder was extremely varied, containing the absolute extremes in elevations for any of the countries, and during years of war Plo had decided to attempt to us this fact to secure his country. Murders, rapist, terrorist, crazed animals and any other thing in the same vain were sent to the area, which was soon after secluded from the rest Shi-kan. Mad men driven further mad by seclusion populated tha area. The area was only traveled once. Jorshun sent a small platoon of soilders to cross the boarder and attempt to assassinate Plo. The plans they specifically had are unknown, even to Jorshun himself who allowed the men to devise their own schemes.

Two of the men returned a week later, both of them unwilling to talk about the things they witnessed. One of the men committed sucide a few days later while the other currently lives in solitude, his friends often remark that he was never the same person. After hearing of hardened soldiers being reduced to such lows Jorshun never again ventured into the area. The place has come to be known simply as "Hell".

Plo was approached by two of his men as he loaded up his horse. They were the men who had been assigned to to keep watch at night.
" Sir, there was no activity in the area last night but in the distance their was a feint light, we belive it may have been a signal sent by from Plithic".

" It is likly that that is the case. The Sky-men have waited very long to make another attack, considering how easily they laid Bushorn to waste you would think they would act much more speedily to continue. An attack is long over due. We are lucky they waited long enough for us to organize anything. It dosen't matter however, their isn't much we can do about the situation. Lets go".

Korun heard the talk and while he did not show any apparently obvious feelings about it, in his mind a strong sence of fear arose. What was going to happen to this world?


Another short one.
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Chapter 7
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