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 Thank God

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PostSubject: Thank God   Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:09 pm

Thank God

Who shall I thank for this gift of life?
The pleasure with which I indulge the senses
The pleasure with which I obtain knowledge
Surely this is a gift worthy of gratitude

Perhapse it is God

He who in his own perfect existance
somehow found the desire to create
something which is beyond his own
all-incompasing nature

Perhapse it is God

He who is synonymous with existance
and of which I am but an infantly small fraction
He who in which no action can take place
for time and space are a single yet infinite thing in him

Perhapse it is God

He who loves all with out exception
and punishes those whom he has made imperfect
And those who do not obey
He who has lovenly given us the choice of slavery or suffering

Perhapse it is not so simple

I shall thank none for life
For if given a gift
Devoting all time to gratitude
Is time deprived of appreciate


I jotted this down during some spare time in class. I'm not a very good poet. Also I'm aware that god can mean a million diffrent things. I think people can tell which conception I am referanceing above.
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Thank God
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