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 A New Invasion

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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: A New Invasion   Wed Jan 17, 2007 2:40 pm

My name is Alec. I cannot tell you my last name or where I live. Not even what state. If I do, they might be listening.

There is an alien invasion. You are probably expecting little green men from Mars so you will know what they are. But that's not true. These aliens cannot be seen because they could be anyone.

This is my story, and it's true...

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.

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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Fri Jan 19, 2007 3:23 pm

Chapter 1

It was friday. I was in 9th period science and the class was almost over. After school, I was going to meet up with my best friends, Trisha and Raymond, and my big sister, Erica. We were going on a little kamping trip in the woods for the weekend.

I knew Trisha sinse I was three. I consider her as the warrior type. She's strong and brave. People say that we have a crush on each other, and maybe we do. Raymond is like a bully magnet. He doesn't really fit in. When he moved here, I was his first friend and he didn't make many others. Erica is kind, but she can be quit bossy and that really gets on my nerves. But I still love her.

Myself, well I am brave, but I'm not really a warrior type. I don't have many friends, but I'm not a bully magnet. I am not bossy though. The person I am the least like is my sister. I am mainly the calm type. But when I'm provoked, I blow up like a reacter. I guess that's because I bottle in most of my anger.

Teacher: There will be a quiz on monday, so be prepaired.

The school bell rings. I met up with Erica, Raymond, and Trisha to go camping.

Erica: Is everyone ready for our little camping trip?

Trisha: I'm ready.

Alec: Me to.

Raymond: I forgot one thing, a bathroom.

Erica: Just go by a tree like an animal.

Trisha: Hey, Alec, wasn't your friend rob going to come with us?

Alec: No. His parents are taking him to some sort of get together. I think it's called the sharing.

Raymond: Are there any dangerous animals out there, like lions?

Alec: Or tigers?

Trisha: Or bears?

Erica: Oh my!

Erica, Alec, Trisha, and Raymond singing together: We're off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of Oz.

Erica: We'll get you some brains, Alec. And we'll get Raymond some courage. And...

Alec interupting Erica: And we'll get you a heart, Erica.

Erica: Hey!!! Well let's get going.

We hiked into the woods near our town and set up a tent. then we got a small fire started. We kept the fire small so it wouldn't get out of control. Later we began cooking hotdogs for dinner when something that wwe thought was a meteor crashed near by.

Raymond: What was that?!

Trisha: Let's go see!

The four of us went running to see what it was. But what we found wasn't a meteor, it was a space ship. It looked like an arrow head. It also looked like it was seriously damaged.

Alec: A U.F.O!

Erica: Technically, a U.F.O. is an unidentified flying object. It's not flying anymore. That makes it a U.O. or an unidentified object.

Alec: Was that really nessisary?

A doorway on the ship opened up and an odd alien stumbled out. It had blue fur. It's upper body looked almost human. It had weak looking arms and hands with several fingers. The head had no mouth or nose. Instead there were three vertical slits where the nose would be. There were two sets of eyes. One set was on the head and were larger than human eyes. The second set of eyes were on two stalks that stuck out of it's forhead. The stalk eyes were able to look in different directions.

It lower body looked similar to a horse or a deer. But what really catchs your eye is the tail. The alien had a scorpion like tail with a scythe like blade at the end. But the alien looked injured.

Alec: We need to help it.

Erica: What are you, crazy?!

I looked into my sister's eyes with a look that told her 'please'.

Erica sighing: Oh, alright.

Just then we all heard a voice in our heads.

???: <It's to late for me.>

Erica: Did anybody else just hear a voice in there head?

Raymond: It was the alien. It must be a form of telepathy.

???: <Something like that. It is called thought speach. I am an andalite. My name is Metrion Ellora Kenjin. Your planet is in danger. It's already being invaded by another alien race known as the yeerks. History is repeating itself.>

Trisha: You mean this happened before?

Metrion: <Yes it has. 47 of your years ago. But if history is to repeat itself, I have to do something that is forbidden by my people.>

Metrion took out a blue box from the bag he was carrying and held it up.

Metrion: <Each of you put your hand on one of the sides of the box. I will give each of you the power to morph into any animal you touch.>

I quickly went to touch the box. Then it was Trisha. Raymond was a little hesitant to touch the box, but that was over quickly. Erica was just standing there as if she didn't trust Metrion. But after a few minutes, she finally decided to touch the box. The box began to glow and I felt a tingling sensation in the palm of my hand, then it stopped.

Metrion: <The yeerks are a parasetic life form that enters one's ear, flatten their bodies, wrap themselves around one's brain, and takes control of that person. One who is inslaved by a yeerk is known as a controller. They already have the whole taxxon race and most of the hork- bajir.>

Raymond: What are the taxxins and the herk-bajer?

Alec: I think he said taxxons and hork-bajir.

Metrion: <The taxxons are like giant warms, but a hole lot more deadly. The hork-bajir are like seven foot walking razerblades. You also have to fear the rival race of the yeerks, the cyba. The cyba is a race of cyborgs. Like the yeerks, the cyba inslave people by turning them into one them. But unlike the yeerks, you no longer have a consiousness of your own. The cyba all have a single consiousness. But who you have to fear the most is visser four. He is the leader of the yeerk invasion on earth. Visser four has taken control of an andalite/cyba.>

Erica: So visser four is linked to the cyba race?

Metrion: <No. His mind has been seporated from the rest of the cyba. He has his own mind back. What makes him unique is that he is the only andalite taken by the cyba. He is the only cyba with the power to morph. What makes visser four so special is that he is the only yeerk to take control of a cyba. He is the only andalite/cyba/controller.

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.

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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Thu Jan 25, 2007 1:53 pm

Chapter 2

Metrion: <The yeerks feed off kandrona rays. Kandrona rays are an artificially produced form of energy created by their sun. The yeerks have evolved since the last time they came. Before they could go up to three of your earth days without going back to the yeerk pool. Now they can go up to seven of your earth days. The yeerk pool is where they absorb kandrona rays. But our morphing technology also has evolved. Before you could only be in a morph for two of your earth hours. Now you can be in a morph for five of your earth hours.>

Raymond: What would happen if we stay in a morph for mor than five hour? Do we automatically morph back or something?

Metrion: <No. If you stay in a morph for more than the time limit, you become trapped in that morph.>

Another ship was getting ready to land. This ship looked like a big, black, battle ax.

Metrion: <It's visser four's blade ship. Each of you absorb my DNA. You can't let visser four know that you are not andalites.>

Erica: How do we do that?

Metrion: <Put your hand on me and focus.>

Erica put her hand on Metrion and began to focus. We noticed that Metrion began to look like he was in a trance. When Erica was finished, Trisha absorbed his DNA. Then me. And then Raymond.

Alec: Does that hurt you?

Metrion: <No. When you absorb an creature's DNA, they become dazed. But it doesn't hurt.>

The other ship landed and a door opened up.

Metrion: <Go before visser four sees you!>

Erica, Trisha, and I got up and hid behind a bush. But Raymond stayed behind for a little while longer. Suddenly the andalite/cyba/controller, visser four, emerged from the ship and that's when Raymond left Metrion. I could sense the evil of visser four. The sudden sense of evil that I felt was like hitting a brick wall going at fifty mph. Then he spoke in a robotic sounding thought speach.

Visser Four: <So there you are. So you thought that you could escape me, prince Metrion Ellora Kenjin? Well you thought wrong.>

Trisha whispering: An andalite cyborg! We have to help Metrion!

Erica whispering: No! If we go out there, visser four will kill us.

Metrion: <You will not win!>

Visser Four: <I already have! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!>

Visser four began to transform. His stalk eyes and front legs withered away. His blue fur began to change purple, and then red. His arms and hind legs grew as wide as tree trunks. His robotic parts morphed with the rest of him. But the thing you really notice is the mouth. He didn't just grow a mouth, he grew a mouth the size of a bus. He became a creature worse than your worst nightmare.

Visser Four: <The kinpa is a remarkable creature. And it's apitite is ten times more remarkable.>

What happened next was something that you wished that you would never see. Visser four was about to eat Metrion. But right before visser four ate Metrion, time seemed to stand still. He looked over in our direction and made a face that looked like a smile. Even though andalites don't have mouths, Metrion's eyes made it look like he was smiling. Then time restarted and visser four ate Metrion.

After visser four left, we got out from behind the bush. Trisha was crying like a baby. Raymond was to much in shock to cry, but I could tell that he was crying inside. Erica had her back toward the rest of us. she dosn't want people to see her cry because she thinks that others will think they are weak. I was sad. I was crying inside. There were tears in my eyes. But like my sister, I don't like people to see me cry. Not because I think that they will think that I'm weak, I just don't like to.

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.

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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Sat Feb 03, 2007 12:26 pm

Chapter 3

Once we pulled ourselves back together, we went back to our campsite. None of us spoke for the rest of the night.

The next morning we woke up. At the time I thought that what we experienced wasn't real.

Alec: Man, I had a horrible nightmare last night.

Trisha: Yeh, so did I.

Raymond: Me to.

Erica: I guess that we all had nightmares last night. Mine was about an alien called an andalite. He warned us about an alien invasion called the yeerks. Then a yeerk called visser four came and ate the andalite.

Alec suprised: You also had that dream?!

Trisha: That was a dream, wasn't it?

That's when we all noticed Raymond beginning to morph. He began to grow blue fur. His eyes grew larger. Two stalks grew from his forhead and at the end of each stalk was an eye. He grew two more legs. At the end of each leg was a hoof His original feet hardened and became hooves His arms became weak looking. As his lower body grew, the boxers that he wore to sleep ripped. His hands grew more fingers. Then his mouth and nose disappeared and were replaced with three verical slits. Then he grew a scorpion like tail with a scythe blade so sharp it could slice through steel like a hot knife through butter.

Erica suprised: Either that wasn't a dream, or we're still dreaming!

Raymond: <Well i'm hoping that this isn't a dream. This is so cool!>

Trisha: Well it would be cool to be able to morph into any animal we touch.

Erica: This isn't just for fun. Remember the yeerks?

Alec complaining: Why can't we have fun with this power?

Erica: I said it's not just for fun, as in not only for fun. That dosn't mean we can't have fun!

Raymond began to morph back to human. But we all forgot that his boxers ripped off of him.

Erica covering her eyes and Trisha turning away: Oh my god!

Alec sarcastically but discusted: Are you sure you're a boy?

Raymond: Ha, ha. Very funny. Darn, those were the only pair of underwear that I took here.

Alec: Well at least put on some pants anyway. It looks like the girls are going to puke.

Raymond put on a pair of pants. But he was uncomfortable without underwear.

Erica sarcasically: I don't know which would give me worse nightmares. Visser four or Raymond naked.

Trisha: That sight has been burned into head. Get out, get out.

Erica: Well which would be worse? Us seeing him naked, or him seeing us naked?

Alec: Either way you'll probably see him naked.

Erica: Let's just go. I've seen enough for one month's worth of weekends.

We all left and went to Raymond's house so he could get some underware. Then we all went to my house and turned on the television. There was a news report about the sharing.

Reporter: We are on location at a new comunity action event, the sharing.

Alec: Hey, that's were Rob went for the weekend. Turn it up.

Reporter: The sharing is the newest and fastest growing event. I have with me a new member of the sharing who I will interview.

The camera turned to a person that really caught my attention.

Alec: Rob!

Reporter: What is your name.

Rob: Robert ------.

(I can't even say the last name of a friend. Even that could give me away.)

Reporter: What do you do here at the sharing?

Rob: Well I just joined yesterday. But I heard that they do things like clean up the environment and things like that. But they also throw great parties.

Raymond: Something's not right.

Raymond has always had a sort of a sixth sense. It's like he can sense danger like a wolf can. But he never could understand what they mean.

Trisha: Maybe Visser four is planning on somehow getting rid of the sharing.

Reporter: Now here is the one who started the sharing, Gerald Kreey. Do you have anything you want to say, Gerald?

When the camera turned Gerald, we all sensed an evil within him.

Alec, Erica, Trisha, and Raymond: Visser four!

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.

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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:29 pm

Chapter 4:

Gerald: I have grown quite fond of Rob. I can tell that he will be a great friend to the sharing, and to me.

Alec thinking enraged: You'll pay for this, Visser 4!

My mom came and sat down between me and Ramond.

Mom: I see that your friend Rob is in the sharing. I think that's nice.

Alec thinking: Not if you new who was there with him.

Mom: But when they are on TV like this, they only want publicity.

Alec bending the truth: I just think that now that he is in the sharing he won't have time for me.

Mom: Come on, Alec. Rob is one of your best friends. He would never forget about you. Why don't you call him when he gets home?

Alec: Yeah, I'll do that.

My mom got up and left the room.

Trisha: Are you really going to call him?

Alec: Yes.

Raymond: But how will you know if he's a controller?

Alec: I'll ask him something that he would never say no to. A game of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Me and Rob love playing the card game, Yu-Gi-Oh together. I would know if something is going on if he says no to a duel. Rob would be back at the end of the weekend so that's when I will call him.

Alec thinking enraged: Visser 4, you'd better keep your filthy hands off Rob if you know what's good for you.

Erica: Alec, I think that you'd better calm down if you want to stay human!

I looked down at my arm and realized that I was growing blue fur and extra fingers. When I calmed myself down, the blue fur and extra fingers went away.

Erica: This could be a problem.

Raymond: Your anger seemed to trigger the morphing.

Alec worried: And with Visser 4 around that will be a big problem.

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.
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The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Mon Apr 02, 2007 3:54 pm

Chapter 5:

It was finally sunday. I was going to call Rob to seeif he wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh. But before I picked up the phone, it rang. When I answered the phone, it was Rob.

Rob: Hey, Alec.

Alec: That's funny. I was just about to call you to see if you wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh.

Rob: That's why I called you. I won't be able to right now. I'm going to the sharing for an important meeting. But I told person who started the sharing, Gerald about you. I was wondering if you wanted to come. We could bring our decks and have a duel there. So do you want to come?

I didn't know what to think. He told Visser 4 about me. But he also said that if I came to the sharing we could play Yu-Gi-Oh. Was Rob a controller or not?

Alec: I'll think about it.

Rob: Well I'll come by in about a half an hour. I hope you'll have an answer by then.

Alec: Okay. Bye.

Rob: Bye.

Erica coming into the livingroom: Hey Alec, who was that on the phone?

Alec: It was Rob. He called right before I was going to call him.

Erica: What did he want?

Alec: well I asked him if he wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh.

Erica: And?

Alec: He said that he had to go to a meeting at the sharing. But he said if I went with him we could have a duel there.

Erica: Do you think he's a controller?

Alec: I don't know. But I do know that he told Visser 4 about me. What sould I do?

Erica: I think you sould go so you can do some spy work. Call Trisha and Raymond. The three of us can follow you in a morph. I'll aquire the DNA of Snickers.

Snickers is our dog. He's a chocolate lab, retreiver mix. As Erica aquired Snickers DNA, I called Trisha and Raymond and told them about the situation. About 15 minutes later, Trisha and raymond came.

Raymond: I don't have any morphs.

Erica: Then morph snickers. I did.

Trisha: There might be a problem. You two are going to be dogs, but I'm going to morph my cat, Taffy. Dogs Chase cats!

Erica: We'll still have our own minds, right?

Alec: Don't worry, Trisha. They would never hurt you. O r at least Raymond wouldn't. But Erica's unpredictable. Who knows what she'll do.

Erica: I don't even think I know what I'll do.

Raymond just finished aquiring Snickers' DNA when someone came to the door. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! I answered the door. It was Rob.

Rob: Hey Alec, are you coming with me?

Alec: Yes I think I will. I got my deck already.

Rob: Well let's go.

Alec saying to the others: See ya!

Erica, Trisha, and Raymond: See ya later!

Alec thinking: More like see you soon.

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.
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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Thu Aug 09, 2007 3:23 pm

Chapter 6:

I was on my way to the sharing with two dogs and a cat following us from a distance. When we got to the sharing, it just looked like a beach party. But then I saw him. Gerald Kreey, A. K. A. Visser 4.

Gerald: You must be Alec. Rob has told me so much about you.

Alec supressing his rage and fear: I saw you on television. My mom said that the sharing is just a publicity stunt.

Gerald: It's no publicity stunt. In fact there's alot more to the sharing than most people realize.

I knew what he ment by that. The yeerks.

Gerald: I beleive that Rob has told you about the meating. Come with us and let's get to know each other better.

Erica: <Don't worry, Alec. We've got your back.>

Alec: Alright.

I went with Rob and Visser 4. But I only went because Trish, Raymond, and Erica were acting as my guard dogs...and cat.

Gerald: Rob told me that you like to play the card game Yu-Gi-Oh. How about the two of you can teach me how to play. Then we can have a duel.

Alec: Okay.

I was trying my best not to seem suspicious.

Rob: The best way to teach you is if we have duel.

Alec: Alright then.

Alec and Rob: Let's duel!

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.
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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Fri Nov 02, 2007 6:47 pm

Chapter 7

Rob and I started a duel, trying not to look suspicious.

Alec: First of all, you have to know the basics. There are three kinds of cards; monster cards, spell cards, and trap cards.

Rob: To choose who goes first, you can either flip a coin or play rock paper scizors. We'll play rock paper scizors.

We played rock paper scizors. I got rock and Rob got paper.

Rob: I won. So I get to choose who goes first. And I choose you to go first.

Gerald: Why would you want him to go first? Wouldn't he have the advantage?

Alec: Not exactly. The one who goes first cannot attack on that first turn.

We both drew five cards. Then I drew a sixth card. I couldn't have drawn a better hand; Skull Dog Marron, Giant Soldier of Stone, Block Attack, Pyramid of light, Andro Sphinx, and Sphinx Teleia.

Alec: At the beginning of your turn, you draw one card from the top of your deck. That's known as the draw phase. After the draw phase is the standby phase. There are some cards that have an effect on the standby phase. But other than those cards, the standby phase is just skipped.

Rob: Now to get into some of the details. There are diferent kinds of monster, spell, and trap cards. Let's start with the monster cards. There are normal monsters, effect monsters which are monsters that have special effects, ritual monsters which can only be summoned with ritual spell cards and tributing a certain number of cards, and there are fusion monsters which can only be summoned with the magic card Polimerization and by tributing specific cards.

Gerald looking at my cards: It looks like you have some good cards, Alec.

Alec: I don't think that I could have had a better hand.

Rob and I went through the duel, explaining it to Gerald Kreey (A.K.A. Visser 4) along the way. I was winning untill Rob played Dark Hole. Then he attacked my life points directly.

Alec: You got lucky.

Rob: You're right. But I still won.

I knew that the real reason was that I was distracted...and nervous.

Erica: <Alec, are you okay? You've been in there for a while.>

Trish: <Also we're running out of time! And your sister keeps chasing me.>

Alec: I'd better get going. But it was really nice to meet you, Gerald.

(As if!)

Gerald: It was nice to meet you too. And I hope that I'll see you again.

Hearing him say that made me sick to my stomach. I left as quick as I could. I back went home with two dogs and a cat.

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.
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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Tue Dec 11, 2007 3:45 am

Chapter 8:

We were back home. I made sure that my mom wasn't home so she wouldn't over hear us talking.

Alec: First I want to ask you something Erica. Why were you chasing Trish?

Erica: Well I had an overwelming urge to chase her.

Trish: And also I think that animal instincts also had something to do with it. I mean other than her usual urge to chase me.

Erica looked over at Trish with a fierce but sarcastic glare.

Erica: Well you'd better start running because I'm getting that urge again.

Raymond: I think it's because when we aquire the DNA of an animal and morph it, we also aquire it's brain and instincts.

Alec sarcastically: So then morphing didn't affect Erica at all then.

Erica glared at me. Then the next thing I knew, I was in a head lock being noogied.

Raymond: So is Rob a controller?

Alec: I don't know. But if he isn't yet, he will be soon if he stays in the sharing.


Erica: I'll get it.

Alec: I wonder who that could be.

Erica came up the stairs with Rob.

Rob: Hi, Alec. I noticed earlier today at the sharing how nervous you seemed.

Alec: Oh, sorry. I didn't meen to.

Rob: No it's okay. I feel nervous around him to. As if there's something not right about him.

At the time I thought that this meant that Rob wasn't a controller, but I didn't know if it was true or the yeerks suspected something about me.

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.
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The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel

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PostSubject: Re: A New Invasion   Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:20 am

Chapter 9:

Rob looked at the others, then at me.

Rob: Alec, can I talk to you in private?

Erica: What is there that you can say to Alec that you can't say to the rest of...

I shot a glare at Erica. And when she met my gaze, she knew what I was thinking.

Erica: O...Okay. Let's let Alec and Rob talk in private.

Alec: Thanks.

Erica, Trish, and Raymond left the house so Rob and I could talk alone.

Alec: So what'd you want to talk about?

Rob: You'll probably think what I'm about to say is crazy, but you're the only one that I feel I can trust with what I'm about to say.

Alec: It's not like an alien or anything.

I meant that half as a joke, but when all there was from him was silence, I felt a fear grow within me.

Alec: What did you see?

Rob: It was Gerald. I saw him go into a bathroom. I saw him transformed into some sort of blue cyborg sentaur like creature with a scorpion tail.

Alec: You're right. That does sound crazy. But the kind of face I saw on you isn't something that can be faked.

Besides I believed him.

Rob: But there was somebody there who said he's a friend of your family. He said his name was Xander. Do you know him?

Alec: I don't know. But I think I've heard that name before.

Just then my mom came in.

Mom: Oh, hi Rob. What are you doing here?

Rob: Uhh...I just came by to tell Alec that I thinking about leaving the sharing.

Mom: Why? I thought that you were into what they do like helping the environment. Also I thought you liked to party.

Rob: Yeah, but it's hard to get up at the crack of dawn when they're keeping you up all night partying the night before. I should be getting home now. See ya later, Alec.

Alec: See ya, Rob.

Erica sarcastically: <You have to be insane to believe a story like that.>

I am The Dark Angel, the darkness that the light shines.
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A New Invasion
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