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 Tool Live!!!

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PostSubject: Tool Live!!!   Tool Live!!! Icon_minitimeWed Jan 24, 2007 6:22 pm

I was jumping around, screaming, it was crazy, and this was the one day of the year I had to be sick! And I was in the seated area!
We had to wait for an hour to see them play cos there was no opening act, but man was the crowd pumped. There were about 3 mexican waves that everyone did, we started clapping and a chant about a dozen times and the noise rose to a huge level that I could barely hear myself screaming!
Tool come out on stage, the crowd goes past wild, it goes absolutely mental. In front of the stage there is a row of speakers, and another 8 speakers on the stage.
3d lasers, the band even sat down and pulled out their lighters and held them up. Everyone without a lighter held up a phone.
Songs were perfect. Like, you hear it on the album, and then you hear it live... no difference, only better.
Could have done with a bit better stage performance... no-one really got into it on stage except for one guitarist, but it was a fairly decent stage performance. Could have got the crowd a bit more pumped up.
Then, to top it all off, I vomit about 15 times on the train home.
So was it worth $200 AUS for tickets and transport, my health and 6 hours on a train? You can sure bet it was (although it would have been better if I wasnt sick.)
Oh, plus I got a little crappy cap gun at an arcade playing luck games Tool Live!!! Row_577
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Tool Live!!!
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