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 The Crystal Shard 2 Chapter 1 Pt. 1

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PostSubject: The Crystal Shard 2 Chapter 1 Pt. 1   Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:19 pm

Entry One

The blackened exploits of a burned and calculating soul are carried out in the dark of the night, searching for the next chapter in this deadly unpredictable game. Focusing on the tortured agonizing screams to be pleasurably torn from a victim’s throat later that same night; he waits and watches. A ruthless killer playing out every second before making even one move in his perfect scheme. Completely empty inside except for the one desire to kill that comes often, no feelings just a sense of being utterly alone in this world. He was the only tortured soul existing for the sole purpose of eradicating the world of some of its unneeded inhabitants. Unneeded at least in my perspective.
My life went this way night after night, until one day when I was captured while I was sleeping. I would have jumped up instantly, when, the door began to jimmy itself open from the outside but I had taken a few crystals to relax and I was not at the top of my athletic abilities. To be entirely truthful I did not wake until I was completely across the country from the hotel in which I had lost consciousness. Immediately I began to struggle against the unbreakable chains that held me in place. I could feel my toes scraping against the splintered platform on which I was raised.
“Ah so I see you are awake, vampire,” a voice spoke from the thick shadows ahead of me. It surprised me that she knew what I was at first. Until I realized that I knew that voice, but I thought that it had been silenced long ago by my own trepidation.
“No. It’s impossible. It can’t be you.” The owner of the voice stepped from the shadows and I could see the repulsive scars that covered her face. Her once chiseled nose was missing a large chunk. Even her luscious hair had become tangled with grey streaks. Her clothes were torn and dirty and she looked as if she hadn’t had the willpower to do anything for himself for a long time.
“Yes it is I. And you thought I was dead Jisatsu? Sorry to disappoint you but I lived through the fire that you set upon me thirty years ago.” she lifted a sledgehammer that she had been hiding behind her back up until now. She swung it upward and then down directly for my head. But she stopped short, dropping the hammer onto the ground in defeat. It landed with a loud clatter on the broken concrete and she was soon to follow.
“Why wouldn’t you turn me? I loved you, was it not enough? It was all, but an act to you was it not? You never once said that you loved me too. I thought that maybe you just wanted to show your love rather than saying it aloud, but I was wrong. Was our time together a lie?” I watched as my former lover sat on the ground, grieving our lost relationship, and I was unable to speak.
I was unable to console her with even one comforting word. For the last three decades, I had regretted what I had done. When I was younger, I had been afraid and I had fled her love. However, she came after me following me night after night until finally I returned to her with a plan--a plan to rid myself of both her and her never-ending affections.
That day early in the morning while Vivian was still sleeping, I dawned a dark cloak. I stood at the feet of our bed and watched her sleeping peacefully. Before I could change my mind, I left the room quickly, locking the door securely behind me. I lit the match and watched as the house went up in flames before my eyes. They were squinted against the luminosity of the rising sun, after going so long without the sight of it.
The next day I had regretted it and had wished that I could take it all back, but it was too late, or so I had thought. Here she was in front of me now, showing that another chance was possible, and all I could do was look at her, as she looked away from me the tears falling from her eyes to the dusty flooring.
“I knew that this would happen. That I would get all the way here and be incapable to kill you, because somewhere inside I still love you even if all I consciously feel toward you now is hatred.” she pulled himself off the floor, maintaining eye contact. Her grey eyes flickered in the growing light.
“That’s why I brought you here. When the sun rises through that window, you will be reduced to nothing but a pile of smoldering ash. And I won’t have time to untie you.” she was pointing toward a large window frame in which the glass had long been broken. Bending down she picked up her unused hammer and began to walk away. As she left, I panicked. Not really about the death part I had been ready to die ever since that cursed night but, the realization that I was about to loose her again. I could not let her leave me.
“Wait Sev, come back.” I had used my old nickname for her without a thought and the sound of it coming from my lips shocked me. I took a deep breath to steady myself before I could clearly continue.
“Please Vivian. Do you not think that I have regretted what I did you ever since? I was scared before. Come back, please. At least listen to what I have to say.” she dropped her hammer where she stood and walked back to stand before me, arms crossed defiantly.
“No matter what you say I’m not untying you, she told me harshly, I’ve waited too long for you to escape me yet again.”
“Do you not hear what I’m saying? I love you Vivian. I always have. I don’t expect you still to love me after this long, but I do love you. I have thought about nothing and no one else since that day. I have wanted to die since then but I cannot bring myself to it. I know that I’m not going to change your mind about this, but will you at least stay until the time comes? I won’t ask you to stay until the end, just keep me company until then.” I let my head fall to my chest, not even sure that she had heard a word I said. At least I would die with the knowledge that my love was still alive and whether she believed me or not she had heard me tell her the truth.
Suddenly I could feel warm arms encircling my body and lifting me upward. Vivian had untied me without me even realizing it. She set me on my feet on the cold concrete and backed away motioning toward a door that I had not been able to see from my ensnared position.
“You can go now. All I ever wanted was for you to say that you loved me, even if it was just a ploy to escape. You’ve given me all that you can without lying to yourself.” I shook my head and pulled her to me. I kissed her chest, the hollow of her neck her cheeks, and finally her lips. Her lips met mine in a burst of fervency. She brought her hands down to my body pulling me closer. It seemed that she had missed me more than I had him–if that was even possible.
“I love you and leaving you now after so long in mourning for you, would be lying to myself.” I told her.
She was back–wasn’t she? Maybe this was just a dream, brought on by the crystals that I had taken before today. That is it that’s exactly what this is–a dream.
I broke the kiss and moved down to her neck, tantalizing her with soft kisses and listening to her almost inaudible moans. I paused beneath her ear my lips moving against her rapidly beating pulse.
“Is this still what you want? After all of these years, you still want this.” I had to ask even though I knew that if this really was the Vivian that I had known years ago, the answer would be the same as what she had incessantly begged me in the days before her supposable death.
“Yes .” she breathed. I could already taste her, the memory of her blood in my mouth from years before.

“Are you positive? There’s no turning back.” I warned her. I did not want to have to endure her regrets later.
“Nothing could make me want you less.” she assured me. I pulled her close to me, locking one hand on the opposite side of her neck and the other around her waist.
“Concentrate on what I am doing, the feeling of it. Do not let your mind slip. If you do your life slips with it.” she nodded and I brought my lips down to her neck, feeling my teeth slide effortlessly beneath her marred skin. Vivian gasped and I began to rub the fingers of my hand along the other side of her neck so that she could focus on something other than the pain, without passing out.
Her blood flooded into my mouth and instantly I knew that there was no way that this could be a dream. The taste of her blood was just too perfect; exactly like it was the first night we were together. Her heartbeat began to slow and I listened until it was too slow for any doctor to recover her. Her legs grew weak and as she began to collapse, I dropped down to the floor gracefully, her body in my lap and my lips still on her neck. She stopped breathing then and I could no longer hear her heartbeat. Her neck was still bleeding and I knew that I was supposed to drink more but I felt like I was too late already. I removed my bloodied lips from her neck and used my teeth to gash my own wrist. I tilted Vivian's head backwards, seeing her now distant eyes. I put my bleeding wrist to her lips.
“Drink.” I told her, hoping she could still hear me. I watched as the blood trickled into the back of her throat and she did not respond to me at all. I was sure I had done everything correctly. This time it really would be my fault Vivian would die in my arms. I looked down at her again just as her eye lids flickered. She blinked a few times and then reached with a shaking hand to pull my wrist down to her lips. I breathed a sigh of relief that rapidly became a gasp of pain, as she began to drink. I listened as her heartbeat rejuvenated itself, ignoring the pain seeping its way up my forearm. When she had gotten enough, I relinquished her grasp on my arm and looked into her relaxed face, her eyes stared up at me.
“Sleep now.” I told her. She nodded and closed her eyes.
Her neck. I thought looking toward it. The wound was already beginning to bleed again. I slid my arms out from beneath her so that she was lying directly on my lap. I brought my fingertips up to her wound and traced an intricate pattern around it. I felt her twitch in her sleep, making me smile. I looked back to my fingers watching the skin stitch itself back together, without a trace. Purple sparks danced merrily around the spot where the wound once was.
I lifted Vivian off of my lap and carried her cautiously out the side door that she had pointed out to me not five minutes before. My bare feet treading painfully on the gravel, I turned around toward the rising sun that was not quite high enough to shine past the roof of the condemned warehouse that we had left behind. It would not be long before even the shadows could not protect me. I spun looking around quickly for some sort of shelter, besides that of the window made building that was already inundated with sunlight. I noticed a new looking car parked along a fence, still in the shadows.
That must be the car that she used to bring me here. I moved toward it swiftly, hindered not at all by Vivian's weight in my arms. I laid her down gently in the backseat and climbed into the front.
A small, bright light on the center of the ceiling lighted the interior. I moved my eyes across the unadorned dashboard, wondering if there was something special that I had to do to get to the steering wheel.
“You are not the driver that purchased this vehicle. Please identify yourself,” the car told me in a quiet voice. What a car just spoke to me! This must be one of those new, more intelligent, cars that know what is going on.
“Umm–Yeah. Your former driver is sleeping in the backseat.” I said hoping that there was no sort of button that I had to push for it to hear me, because I didn’t see one.
“Explanation understood. My name is Sonja. Where would you like to go this morning, sir?”
She gets a name too? I gave her the name of the hotel that I fell asleep in just a few hours ago. It hopefully still contained all of my belongings. I turned around in my seat. I watched Vivian carefully; open to any sign that may mean that she was feeling the blood that was churning throughout her veins.
“Would you be more comfortable with your seat turned around?” Sonja asked me, almost startling me enough to jump out of the seat in question.
“Yes, thank you.” I said. My seat spun around on a motor I suppose but it was without the sound of grinding gears. I turned my eyes back over my shoulder looking out the windshield. We were moving quickly and I could see that the grove of trees that was currently shading us would not be doing so for very much longer.
“Sonja?” I asked hesitantly.
“Yes sir?”
“Could you do something about the sunlight?”
“Of course.” Immediately the widows began to darken until I would swear they were painted black. The light that had been on earlier flickered to life yet again casting ghostly shadows about the interior.
I turned my attention back toward Vivian, who was gratefully relaxed. I took her cold hand in mine and watched over her as she slept. She had to sleep through this transformation to keep away the pains of it. Vampire blood was extremely poisonous to a human, which was one of the reasons I had not wanted to change Vivian in the first place.
In my eyes, she was perfect, but she had wanted it still after this long and I could fight her no more. I didn’t want to.
I laid my head down on her chest listening to her heart beat and dozing as we headed back to the other side of the city at almost two hundred miles an hour. I wouldn’t be able to really sleep until I was sure that Vivian was safe but this would do for now.
“We’re here sir.” Sonja informed me, a few hours later. I sat up disoriented.
“Is it night yet?” I mumbled looking around the darkened interior.
“No. It is still daylight, but as a courtesy to you, we are in a covered garage and an entrance to the hotel is directly outside the door.” She could already tell that we were sensitive to light. I was not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

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The Crystal Shard 2 Chapter 1 Pt. 1
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