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 Chapter 8

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PostSubject: Chapter 8   Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:57 pm

Chapter 8

The Sky-men charged deeper into Plithic continuing to find empty buildings and desolite streets. The old man tred slowly behind the attackers. He gazed around curiously. Was it some surprise attack or had they actully left the country. It wasn't long before the questions were answered. Explosions erupted from five seperate points. The Sky-men deverted their attention back and forth between the explosion points. Smoke soon filled the horizon in every direction. Cannon fire sounded from many points but there was no impact. One of the Shy-men became angshis and charged through the smoke. Some were about to follow suit but the old man quickly pulled them back. The one that did brake through however found nothing on the other side of the wall of smoke.

He looked around and found not even a hint of life. He jumped in surprise and a faint clicking sound that came from the small home to his left. He thoughtlessly charged tword the building and ripped the door from its hinges and was imdeatly struck in the abdmon from a distance of little over ab inch. His body was sent flying back and skidded along the ground. He cluched himself and cringed in pain but in a few seconds leaped to his feet and looked into the door way. He saw the cannon but no operater. In a fit of rage he raced tword the building again and crashed through the wall. He tore down the walls and brought the building down over his head. He emerged from the ruble infurated that he could find his attacker.
A roar rose from the mouth of the beast. He destroyed the buildings next to the one he had just desomated. A voice rang out from out side the building; " Calm Yourself! I'm here."

The Sky-man quickly burst from the ruble he had created and saw a man standing in the open. He was tall musculer man with a bald head and a sword in both hands. He wore black pants and no shirt. On His chest three vertical black lines ran down, each one about five inches long. The man stood alone and fully intended on fighting the monster single handedly. He was the thrird member of a small group called the Matellie.

Over a hundred years ago the country of Plithic formed a small group of five of its most elite worriors. The king of the time named the group after his son who had died in battle just a year earlier. The group has maintained since then. Worriors were selected by kings not soley based on physical strength but on a numerous amount of criterea. Strenght, speed, stratige ability, enduence, etc.

The Sky-man charged tword the man and slamed his fist into his stomach. The man skidded back and was stunded for a moment from the pain that shot trough his hole body. The demon was shocked. This was the first creture on this planet that was able to survive a blow from him. The man felt as if he would collapse. His eyesight seemed to fade in and out and vomit involinterly spilled from his mounth. hescreamed from inside his own mind; " Don't fall! atleast land a single blow on the beast before you fall!"
He regained his composher and slashed at the Sky-man. In spite of his pain his movements did not become wild or desperate. He fought with an unyeilding disapline and accuracy. The Sky-man evaded every swing and swung his right fist into the left side man's ripcage, bringing him instantly to his knees. The beast raised his fist up preparing to finsih the Metellie worrior. Before he could strike however a thick cable was lasoed around his arm. The cable had large balls hanging from it. The monster looked back to see who was bindlng him. He found the other end leading into the window frame of a near by building. As he turned back to his prey he found that he was gone. He saw to his left another man carring him off down the road. He became infurated and pulled the cable. As he did this the small orbs that ran along it exploded. Finnally culmenating in a huge explosion, encomposing the area of aproximatly 40 feet.

The sky man emerged from the smoke with his hand dragging liflessly at his side. He saw two men dressed in the same mannor as his former oppenant. One had two stripes on his chest and the other had four.
Inside the wall of smoke the other Sky-men heard the cannon fire, the buildings crashing and had seen the huge explosion. They were eagar to see what was happening but stayed back, waiting for the old man to give the order. The sound of marching resicnated in every direction. The smoke had almost cleared the monsters saw that they were completly surrounded.

The former king of Bushorn stood infront of the group and stared down at the creatures that destroyed his country. His expression was calm but his eyes were undeniably filled with unfathomable hatred. He raised his left hand into the air and snapped his fingers.

In an instant cannon fire exploded into the crowed of Sky-men. Some were struck but most evaded the attacks and becane to tear through thier attackers. The soilders could do nothing to defend themselves. Swords broke on the monsters skin, they could kill dozens in an instant. Bombs and cannons seemed to be the only usful tool in battle. Telkelly had been given The Mettellie by Spekige for battle. He told them to set up bombs through out the city and when the Sky-men were incombased in them, detinate. He told them them to use materials that would create an excess amount of smoke and depree to cloud their field of vision. He then told his man to start firing cannons. He had hoped that all of this would serve to disorent the monsters, and it did. But it seemed to have no lasting benifit in the battle.

In the midst of the battle there only seemed to be five who were able to offer any kind of resitance to the attackers. The two remaining Matellie, five and one, fought side by side against a single sky-man While two and four continued the battle they had already started.Telkelly was managing to battle one-on-one with one of the demons.

else where on the battlefield a Sky-man tore through one of the soilders. Blood Splashed on to his body while a cannonball strcuk the side of his head. He almost fell to the ground but managed to hold himselve. As he turned tword the direction of the attack another round struck his hip from the oppisite direction. Another cannon operator on the field noticed this and decided to add to the attack, instantly turning tword the Sky-man and fired another into his chest. Another struck his head again. His legs gave out under him. A barrage of cannon fire from multiple points struck him again and again untill finnally, he died. A wave of shock ran through the other Sky-men. This was the first of the monsters to die.

In spite of this small victory however the soilders still were losing horrible. In a matter of minutes almost half of the soilders had died. The inital point of the zipper formation created by Spekige was for Telkelly's group to push The Sky-men back tword Spekige's group, trap them, and basically pumple them into submission. This was pbviously another plan which was failing misarble. Telkelly, who himself was still in mid-battle had not noticed how many of his men had fallen.

Suddenly, the ground quaked. Every one on the battle field faltered for a moment. They turned tword the north and in the distance saw a giant tortise. Everyone there looked on in amazment. Soon the soilders at the feet of the tortise became visable. The old man noticed the new forces first and mentally signaled for fiffty-four of the Sky-men to divert their attention tword them. Soon Spekige's forces were meetin the same fate as Telkelly's.

Spekige lept off of the turtle and was struck by one of the Sky-men as soon as he touched the ground. To the surprise of the sky-man the king on falted slightly before returning the blow. He slammed his fist into the deamon's jaw. The monster was stunned, the two exchanged blows but it was Spekige that came out on top. Spekige continued to beat him, pounding again and again untill it fell to the ground. While down the king lifted his boot and repeatedly stomped on the monsters throat untill it gave out under the constant attacks. He then finished the creature by performing the same attacks to its head.

The old man couldn't belive the display of power he had just witnessed. No create on this planet should have that kind of power. He quietly uttered to himself " two".

Spekige looked to the top of the Turtle at the three soilders still at the top, " I forgot my Sword! Throw it down before you come down!"

The three men attempted to lift the blade but found they could only get it a few feet from the ground. The managed to muster enough strength to throw it to their comander. Spekige caught it as it fell, the tip of the blade had touched the sand as his hand grasped it. The blade was large, almost as long as Spekige's entire body. It was heavily curved and single edged. He took the blade and slashed another of the sky-men in half.

The old man looked on in amazment, " three"


No attempt what so ever of trying to proof-read and I wrote it tired so propable a lot of mistakes
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Chapter 8
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